By Dr. Barry M. Warmkessel
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Telepathic contact between human and extra-terrestrial technological and non- technological alien civilizations appears to be a practical means to acquire verifiable information concerning their existence. Ensouled Intelligent Life Forms (EILF) form in clusters of seven called a Combo. Specific telepathic contact (in the late 1950's) has reveal both the nature and location of two of our seven EILF civilizations, one of which had heretofore been unknown to us. Astronauts from the newly discovered EILF have visited four other EILFs in the Sol and Alpha Centauri star systems.

The new EILF claim that they have aided humans in the past. Evidence from the ancient Akkadian civilization suggest that just such a 'god-like being' provided astronomical information that only modern day humans could be aware of.

The non-technological alien is a large eight limbed being without eyes, but still able to see and hear. They do not reproduce by themselves, but apparently by (perhaps involuntarily) another animal. They may possess the most amazing intellectual characterizes (i.e. being able to foresee the future). They may be a frequent visitor to Earth as 'tourists'. The technological alien is a tall (8.5') biped somewhat similar in structure to a human but with a different physiology.



Amazingly, the book 'HANDS' (The True Account - A Hypnotic Subject Reports On Outer Space)1 is thought to be a valid and factual account of telepathic contact with one of our six other (co-formed sentient species), specifically the 'Priest' EILF (Ensouled Intelligent Life Form). The dramatic implications of this 1957 contact are considered herein. The marker [X] will reference the page number in this book where detailed related information can be found. An analysis of this EILF and data about a second EILF previously unknown to us is provided. It both expands and verifies the information recorded by the group of humans involved in this case. The group held meetings every two weeks and could use this period to measure time on the alien planet. Not surprisingly, the scientific and political people contacted about this material seemed uninterested and disdainful of the groups efforts.

Figure 1. The HANDS Alien

The HANDS alien was contacted through 'telepathy by a human contactee who tested very high in a standard ESP test.[Chapter XVIII] It is presumed that this test also tests a subjects 'telepathic abilities' because they can perceive the 'card' they are expected to sense via the human holding the 'card'.

This is a most significant case because it offers detailed findings of telepathic human contacting a non-technological extra-terrestrial sentient being (dubbed HANDS). The Cetaceans are a similar non-technological sentient species. Moreover, included in this data is a contact by the HANDS beings with astronauts from another space mobile species, the Cenos aliens. They appear to be our heretofore missing 'Slave' EILF Combo co-sentient species.

Even more important, this case verifies the thesis that sentient beings are required to 'know one another' or interact even if they are not technological or on the same planet. EILFs form in groups of seven called a 'Combo'. The Cetaceans are our 'Sage' EILF (the 'communicators' of our Combo) and are therefore anticipated to be telepathic. The Humans are the 'Warrior' EILF component of our Combo. A Warrior EILF needs to be deceitful so the humans can express their military nature. Lying is difficult or impossible if there is a widespread telepathic capability. Therefore, the telepathic capability is poorly developed in humans.


The HANDS beings are located on a planet in a 3 Sun system[9,41,61] The big one is a Red/Orange Sun, The medium one is a Yellow Sun and the small one is a Blue Sun.[244] The blue Sun travels fastest across the sky coming up and going down many times as the other two transverse the sky.[245] Each Sun comes up 'from the ground' and goes down on the opposite side. One Sun travels east to west (so to speak), another goes west to east, and the other one south-west to north- east.[243] The three Sun's come up from different places over time. The Orange and Yellow Sun change colors slightly when they set, the Blue one does not.[244] The humans suspected that the Blue Sun was a Moon.[244] The Cenos aliens told them that they had two Suns in the sky and one that was both a Sun and a Moon (appearing at night) and it travels mush faster than the other two.[245] It was coming and going many times as the larger ones traveled across the sky.[245] Just 16 months of their estimated 7 year cycle was night.[246] The human contactees thought that the big Sun was like our Sun, the middle sized Sun was like our Earth and the planet the HANDS beings were on was like our Moon; the HANDS planet would turn on its axis every seven years.[246] Their planet has 13 moons, but due to their physiology these objects may not be viewed in the same way humans views Suns and moons and the exact count was uncertain.

Figure 2. The 13 Moons Of The Hand's Planet

There are about 13 moons around the HANDS planet including four large ones.[247,248] One Moon has a long string of dark stuff coming out of it and a light part as well. The black stuff is attached or protrudes from it, but it does not really stick out.[249,250] One Moon moved very fast coming into view 3 times in two weeks.[252] Stars are not normally visible in their skies because they are too bright.[69]

HANDS time is measured in units like, ONE, FIFTEEN or SEVENTY. The sentient being contacted dubbed HANDS, was 15 units of ONE Old[6] The ONE unit is thought to represent about 7 Earth years. A very old HANDS is about 70 ONEs which corresponds to about 490 years.[52]

A typical HANDS creature is as big as a room (8' high by 16' in diameter)[44], and consists of a dome like organic structure, a neck connected to jointed arm like structures (whose joints flex both ways)[62] and 8 five-fingered hands (2' long)[63] with a claw attached to each finger.[6,7,33] They are brownish-yellow in color[9] with a texture of an elephant covered in cracked mud.[63] Their five fingered hands can regenerate a finger if they lose one (usually by digging).[53] They considered their hands to be their dominate feature and they are non sexed.[43]

Their vision[8] and ability to hear came via their skin. They can 'see' with one hand exposed.[55] These beings eat by sitting on vegetation and absorbing nutrition, not by eating it directly as humans do.[8] They absorbed food through many little mouths[46] on their underside which looked yellowish with mucous tissue.[65] They absorb food by simply sitting on a pile of vegetation.[45] If one of them is cut, white stuff comes out.[49] They sweat.[64] No reproductive organs were detected during this hypnotic investigation.[65]

Basically, they eat, rest and think.[76] The HANDS beings originate in and migrate from the sea to live in a 'rain forest' within a valley surrounded by mountains.[45] There is one flat top mountain.[243] This area has seasons and it snows.[4]

The HANDS beings forage in herds[45] and live in holes (when it is very hot or cold) that they have dug with their own hands.[] They are clumsy jovial beings[65] who only require one hole to live in (dwelling) at a time.[56] Fish do not like them and they are not suppose to go in the ocean.[8] They like to move around and they eat and sleep for pleasure.[77] However, when they sleep, they just seem to dose off and not lose consciousness.[180] They seemed to resist 'following orders' or a plan that involved moving around into a certain configuration.[178] When the humans tried to give the HANDS beings an I.Q. test, the beings 'fidgeted' about and could not keep to a given pattern with out some of them changing position.[Chapter XV-HANDS' IQ] The group of HANDS beings at this location demonstrated significance Impatience.

They do not know where they come from although legend has it that they come from animals in the water[49] even though they originate from the ocean[50]. The HANDS alien, through a channeled contactee, developed an affinity to a childish model of a baby octopus and became friendly with a dog.[74] They 'gather together' and 'think' a new being into existence or they can use 'thought' to destroy another.[14,51] A new HANDS being appears about ONE unit of time later.[51] Old HANDS beings become too weak to forage for their own food and they often steal food from others.[52] A HANDS being dies when its mind dies[52] and it takes about two weeks(?) to disintegrate.[52] Or the dead body can be fed to its natural enemy, a man-eating plant.[52] Normally, the HANDS eating plants must be knocked down and when they are weak or die their 'jaws' open.[47]

The HANDS beings contact each other all the time (as well as select humans) via telepathy.[36,46] They spoke to the humans in English by just thinking when they thought there was someone there to speak to.[24,25] The 'contacted group of humans' thought of themselves as 'mental astronauts.[30] Their communications are not linguistic, but rather more intuitive.[65] Images can be transferred back and forth between the HANDS being and the hypnotized human contactee reading the telepathic messages.[CHAPTER VII WE DON'T HAVE ANYTHING LIKE THAT] The odor of 'skunk' drove the HANDS being to distraction even though it a telepathic like transfer of data.[195]

They make 'snow patterns' to praise their 'Sun'.[37] They cannot 'lie' because their telepathic nature means others would know the truth.[47] There is no 'chief' or someone in charge.[48] They have no main friend or enemy, presumably because they are all telepathically inter-connected.[48]


The ASTRO-METRIC Concept places ourPriest Combo EILF in the Alpha Centauri B star system, probably on a planet or satellite of planet in the liquid water zone. The above data supports this thesis because their largest Sun is Red/Orange. This is precisely the color of Alpha Centauri's K1 class star. The Yellow Sun is also commensurate with the more distant G2 class star. The separation of these stars varies from 11.2 AU to 35.6 AU but this would reduce the apparent size of that 23% larger star (than the Sun) by a factor of 8 or so. Not much heat is anticipated from the Yellow A star as it is too far away. Alpha Centauri is a three star system, but the third (Red Dwarf) star, Proxima Centauri (12,000 to 13,000 AU away), would appear like a dim star to the human eye and likely not observable in the HANDS' planet bright sky.

The HANDS' planet must be in the 'Goldilocks zone' of its parent star as oceans are reported. For the Alpha Centauri B star, this habitable zone in or near 0.5 AU to 0.9 AU away from the B star. Consequently, its orbital period must be on the order of 0.9 years or less, far from the 7 year value suggested by the HANDS ONE unit of time. Moreover, the 16 month long night (vs. the seven year period) is inconsistent with a planets rotation. The color of its main 'Orange Sun' implies a mass less than Earth's Sun. It is near-by because an associated alien species (the Cenos) have visited Earth in their sub light speed space ships.

Thus, the HANDS unit of time, ONE, is apparently tied to another factor, perhaps the Orange Sun's sunspot activity. On cooler stars, these 'star spots' can cover up to 30% of the surface and have hemispheric flip-flop periods of 3.8 and 3.65 years for the northern and southern hemispheres. Twice these values is close to HANDS 7. These star spots give rise to charged particles producing 'northern lights' which would light up the HANDS planet. These aurora may cover much of the planet if its magnetic field is weak. Maximum and minimums of this activity may be what is responsible for HANDS short 16 month (out of 7 years) night.

Another (the Cenos) space mobile sentient species have verified that there are two Suns in HANDS sky. These are the Orange and Yellow ones. The 'Blue' Sun also appears at night, so it is acting as a moon. It may have a period commensurate with the anticipated orbital rotation of this planet (in the star's habital zone). HANDS planet could be a 'double planet' like the Earth/Moon or Neptune/Triton system and these would be co-rotating in the 'ecliptic' (spin plane) of the orange Sun. Thus it would 'rise and set' at a different location on the horizon as compared to the red and orange Sun. It would likely be the solid core of a Jupiter or Saturn like planet, although not quite that massive. If the blue star is a double planet, it is anticipated to be about on hundredth as massive as the HANDS planet.

The HANDS planet may have a ring around it that appears from the surface to be a string of dark and light stuff. Typically, there would be a Jupiter equivalent in The B's star solar system with four large satellites. The rings could block some of the B Star's (and maybe A stars') sunlight causing notches to appear in these satellites when viewed from HANDS' planet. While the B star's solar system has not been modeled, there would likely be a Jovian sized planet (without the thick atmosphere) and an asteroid belt closer to the Sun. Usually, there are four large satellites (like those of Jupiter) this planet. Some of the other satellites may be captured asteroids.

Matching the HANDS being (somewhat) and its body type to some UFO data collected by Ray Palmer indicates that he has found our Combo's Priest aliens.2 He reports that in 1925, a Mr. Wood observed a UFO crash land on the top of Flat Mesa (near Battle Mountain, Nevada) after he and a friend had landed their WW I vintage Jennies there to "look around".

The saucer shaped UFO (or orb) that landed was about 8 feet across and reddish in color on the bottom. It was moist, and glistened on top. But the most surprising observation was that it was a creature, and a wounded one at that. This "flying clam" had a mica like shell body. Its upper shell would rise and fall about six inches all around the periphery as it breathed. The creature (without eyes or legs) skidded about 30 feet as it crash landed on top of the mesa.

The creature had a wound or gash at a point on its rim, with some metallic looking froth oozing from the wound. When fearlessly approached by the aviators (within 10 feet), it started breathing faster and tried to fly away. However, it rose only a few inches, then fell back to the ground.

After about a 20 minute rest, it started pulsating (glowing) again. It grew extremely bright, then tried to rise back up only to sink back down again. Shortly thereafter, a larger one (about 30 feet in diameter) appeared and rescued the smaller one. It settled over the smaller one and extended (and affixed) four sucker like tongues. Then it grew dazzlingly bright, rose straight up and flew away at a high rate of speed carrying the smaller one.

These creatures, or the froth which emanated from both the smaller one's wound and from the edge of the larger one, made an awful stench. The froth, resembling aluminum wire, finally melted in the sunlight and disappeared.

The HANDS beings could grow appendages (like fingers) back after losing them. This is much like a star fish. Star fish have 'suckers' on their arms and it has been noted that that HANDS had an affinity for a baby octopus 'doll'. This, plus the 'blood' similarities, imply the Wood alien is at lest similar to the HANDS alien.

The HANDS aliens eat by sitting on a pile of vegetation and directly absorbing nutrition from it. However, there was no mention of how body waste was eliminated. The HANDS aliens, or a species related to them, are believed to also be related to the Moses incident and the 'Ark Of The Covenant'. See the following material from THE ALIENS OF THE ARK

The 'Manna From Heaven' could have been intended to feed both the immobile aliens (contained in the Ark) and the Israelites. The Israelites placed Manna into the Ark for some unknown reason. The Manna was gathered in one or two quart sized containers after the dew had evaporated. It evaporated in the heat of the day. This phenomena seems similar to the UFO related 'Angel Hair'. This material appeared during multiple UFO events near Orlon, France on 17 October 1952, Gaillic, France ten days later and over Whitsett elementary school near Burlington, North Carolina in 1955.

During the first event, a cylindrical UFO (flying at a 45 degree angle) was accompanied by 30 small disks that moved in pairs.Think of the cylindrical UFO as a tour bus. When they separated, a white "arc" formed between them and 'Angel Hair' rained down (turning into a gelatin) which latter disappeared.

The 'Angel Hair' collected from around Whitsett elementary school was analyzed by a local fabric manufacturer since it was thought to be a synthetic fiber. It was found to be a protein matter, not known to be any kind of synthetic substance 'known to man'. One of the children at the elementary school tasted the 'stuff' and is reported to have said that it tasted 'salty'. A salty protein substance would offer the Israelis a nutritious 'Manna From Heaven' to sustain them on their journey through the desert.

The cloud observed to form between the cherubim could have been a way to dispose of the aliens' bodily waste. Perhaps it was a little like the foul smelling froth which came from the 'wound' of the one that landed near Flat Mesa, Nevada. The winged cherubim could be placed on the Ark to remind other humans that these 'aliens' could fly like 'angels' if they so chose, and that there were two of them in the Ark.

The 'Manna From Heaven' or the 'Angel Hair' could possibly be the excretion from the HANDS aliens. However, it could also be food for both the Israelis and the HANDS aliens within the Ark.

Data collected by dowsing on these remarkable beings (when they are visiting Earth as tourists show that they are animal like, and there may be more than one being per clam shell. They may be like the cetaceans and have many related subspecies. One of these may be touring Earth and defying gravity in the same manner Christ and Peter did (Matthew 14:22-33) as they fly 'hand in hand) through our skies in their orbs (environmental spheres). They are thought to be traveling companions of our Combo's Scholar EILF, especially when they are visiting the dangerous Warrior EILF (humans) on Earth.

The HANDS almost total use of telepathy means that they operate out of their Higher Intellectual Center. This is the negative pole of this center and it is most often used for survival. The positive pole, Integration, offers a wide range of capabilities, including being aware of, and being able to use and apply data from the astral plane to the physical plane. This gives them a unique ability to 'sense the future', but at the expense of their operability with other Cardinal Centers. Lost is the 'Sexual' Center. Thus, they rely on another non-sentient species to produce the host beings for the HANDS sentient alien. In this case, it is a sea based octopus or squid like being and the animal mother 'rejects' the baby HANDS beings as 'abnormalities'.

The 'green sticks' is probably one of the most important revelation of this report. What the Cenos beings are likely measuring is 'essence contact' between the HANDS beings because this produces extreme joy. Essence contact is the only way a sentient species can evolve.


The HANDS being could communicate with the Cenos extra-terrestrial alien beings via telepathy and possibly through a monitoring facility (Temple) that the Cenos had constructed on HANDS' planet.[112, 199] Apparently, the HANDS aliens considered the emergence of five baby HANDS BEINGS from the sea a big event and related this information via the link at the Temple.[197] The HANDS beings also communicate with the Cenos extra-terrestrial aliens by tapping on a 'green stick' given to them when they are happy.[84,272(last page)]

The Cenos extra-terrestrial aliens landed near HANDS when he was 2 ONES years old.[87] Cenos beings have two arms, two legs and (slightly pointed) heads as do humans and wear grey suits with helmets.[87,107,108] They are bigger than humans, maybe 8.0 to 8.5 feet tall.[87] They have many little hearts all over permitting more strength and they are about 5 times stronger than a normal human. Their lungs function as our kidneys to expel waste.[108] They are a carbon based life form with many big pores on their skin.[116,106] They have no serious diseases or illness and live until they are about 120 years.[109] They eat tasteless pills.[110] They no longer sleep.[111]

Cenos are apparently of two sexes and the women are live bearers and can give birth between 20 till the end of life, but usually around 30 years old.[109] They would not answer questions about sex, but have no pleasure in copulation.[109] Mates are selected via tests, but others (not parents) raise their children.[110,112]

They now use telepathy for contact, but use to use voice (which is a sharp way to communicate).[112] They originally started to learn telepathy through music (which they have in common with us).[105] There knowledge is stored in 'personal memory banks' available to all and they function as one 'super-group' (collective?)[111,112] Therefore, decisions are made by a group conciseness, thus no disagreements.[113] Telepathy can only transfer what the telepathic person understands.[120] The Cenos don't joke.[207]

The Cenos spaceships arrived when HANDS was 2 ONES and There were four or five Cenos space-ships with about six of the Cenos aliens in each and they built large buildings on the HANDS planet.[26,28] The Cenos spaceship was a little round and long.[88] The Cenos ship looked like a spinning tape recorder.[91] The space ship had many decks and the Cenos traveled through the 'spokes on the wheel'.[106] The space ship left a little hole in the ground or snow when it took off.[88] It travels at nearly the speed of light (up to 0.978c beyond which the distortions of bones in their heads caused physiological damage.[132] Their near circular diameter ranges up to 2,500 feet.[130] The air on the Cenos home world had a lower percentage of oxygen than Earth's.[130] The Cenos home world seemed to have more elements than Earth does, ~ 200. The Cenos do not think we can travel very far without knowledge of these elements.[130] Artificial elements are needed to
sparking the vacuum in order to make the saucers operate. The electrons and positrons so generated are speed up in a cyclotron like device and ejected rearward near light speed propelling the saucer forward at a major fraction the speed of light, but not as fast as the rearward ejected particles.

It took part of ONE to travel from their home star system to HANDS' planet.[119] The Cenos ship was coming to visit HANDS planet and would travel 1/4 the way (in time?) in 6 weeks.[94,127] They had visited four other intelligent life forms.[117] The Cenos ships could draw energy from the stars but upon leaving the HANDS planet this one was destroyed by hitting space rocks.[130,149] One of the Cenos astronauts that was on the destroyed ship had visited Earth during WW II.[201]

They had created life, but only like jellyfish. They claimed other planets (smaller than Earth) were out in our solar system beyond Pluto and that Mars had plants on it.[116,123,124] They claimed that there was a twin Earth(The Moon?)There was contact between Cenos and a silicon based life form that did not look like humans (or HANDS) but was more advanced then humans.[116]


Figure 3. The Cenos Temple Or Base On The HANDS Planet.
The Cenos being built multiple (15) structures apparently very close together near this group of HANDS beings.[190] The cluster of buildings was several city blocks in size and made of a very thick glasslike crystalline material that was, in one case, a greenish blue color.[164]. When the Cenos were clearing the building site, the trees would appear to 'walk away' from the area with the roots coming out of the ground.[161] The building had domes, steeples and spires and perhaps as many as 500 antenna.[165] The humans contacting the HANDS beings used repeated descriptions of the Temple building as a way to 'prove' or 'verify' that they were actually contacting the HANDS alien.

The HANDS aliens could get a message to the Cenos aliens just by 'thinking'.[89] The HANDS aliens also contacted the Cenos aliens at the 'Green Temple building' to tell them about their human contact.[92] The Cenos aliens gave the HANDS beings physical examinations and apparently had an instrument like an electro- cardiograph.[263] Several Cenos beings would stand on top of the HANDS beings and tell them to move something. They also gave them an IQ test and a musical instrument similar to a 'theremin' (thus HANDS beings could hear musical sounds).[263] They also ask the HANDS beings to make designs with multiple hands.[264] They could also make the HANDS beings sleep.{264] The Cenos beings could not move as fast as the HANDS beings because the HANDS steps were bigger and the Cenos beings could not run on the HANDS planet.[265] The Cenos beings gave one HANDS being (the one making human contact) a ride in their spaceship which was about 200 feet in diameter.[266] It was probably not the mother ship. This space ship was bluish green all over and HANDS could watch his gawking friends on the ground via a Cenos TV within the ship.[267] HANDS also saw a moon (it was black and white with ridges, and the ride lasted more than an hour.[268] The Cenos used fuel from the Temple for this space trek.[266] The Cenos aliens built a 'star well' permitting the HANDS beings to see the stars despite their bright sky.[69,261]

The Cenos aliens were reluctant to give an OK for the HANDS beings to share information about the Cenos with the humans and wanted to check the humans out first.[94,95] The Cenos aliens are from a different solar system than HANDS beings.[88] The entire Cenos sky is lit-up.[111] They know of humans, and had visited us during WW II.[97,100] Humans were afraid of them, and we (humans) were the most warlike beings they knew of.[100] They only wanted to observe humans, but did not want to give them technology as it would hinder their evolution.[101] Humans were closer to the HANDS level of evolution.[115] They considered humans primitive because they had not learned to fly through space nor live together.[101,102] They could access human minds when humans were asleep.[112] The Cenos would know when humans took photos of the back side of the Moon.[139]

Telepathy, the Negative Pole of the Higher Intellectual Center, is the common medium of communication between sentient species. Since we humans are a 'Warrior Species'. this capability is largely lacking in our society. Apparently, some 'verbal like' information as well as image like data can be transmitted in 'near time' using the 'Centering' overleaf of the soul. The selected human, the Hands ET alien and a Cenos alien could all use this capability to community with one another. The Cenos alien could easily identify the sentient beings with which the Hands ET alien was communicating when shown a map of Earth.[100] Moreover, the Cenos ET aliens had been their often before, at least over the past 4300 years or so. BTW, this is an important peice of information when trying to find out how the Cetaceans communicate. The Cenos astronauts had helped human civilization a lot but it was not appreciated.[201] Humans put a railroad over something they built.[207] They put artifacts on 'islands' now on the sea floor and in Mexico, Peru and Northern England and near Cairo, Egypt.[213,216] Something was put into or built at Cholu, Mexico where the largest pyramid in the world is located.[217] A total of 28 sites contained Cenos related artifacts.[216] See the following two figures

Figure 4. Cenos Archeological Sites In Europe, Asia And Africa.
Notice that the first sites were made in South America and Africa.

Figure 5. Cenos Archeological Sites In North And South America
They made radiant lines and the Sphinx at Gizeh, Egypt and things at Copan, Honduras.[222-226] They also made a network of shallow groves at Nasca, Peru (discovered by the Peruvian air force) and a 'calendar' at Nasca, Peru.[219] An underground structure was made at Pucara, Peru.[219] The things at Chicken Itza, Yucatan was mostly made by humans.[226] They made the 'Gateway To The Sun', a ten ton stone at Tiahaunaco.[221]

The human contactees wanted to visit the Cenos planet, but the Cenos said that by the time they got to Earth, the human would not want to go if offered the chance or would not want to be gone for such a long time.[200]


The Cenos beings apparently are from the Proxima Centauri star system 12,000 to 13,000 AU away from Alpha Centauri's A and B stars. This can be calculated directly from the 6 weeks it takes to travel 1/4 of the journey. Assume that they speed up to (near) the speed of light during the first half of the flight and then slow down during the second half. It is assumed that their spacecraft engines work much the same way as the Iargan Spacecraft spacecraft engines do.

An intelligent being cannot live without gravity during the endless journey between the stars. ... The acceleration of our ships is always constant so that we can live on board exactly as in our homes. "The journey begins with a long period of acceleration until we have reached the maximum speed at which navigation is possible. Then we alternately slow down and speed up. The last part of the journey is a long period of deceleration.

Thus the Cenos space ship's average speed (on this short trip within the same star system) is about half the speed of light. Light travels about 63,000 AU (AU = distance from Earth to Sun) in one year. Then:

d = 1/2 x total time x c = 1/2 x 24 weeks x 63,000 AU/52 weeks = 14,538 AU

Of course, they do not actually reach the speed of light. Rather, they reach the velocity (v) of:

v = c x 12,000 AU/14,538 AU or v = c x 13,000 AU/14,538 AU

Thus, their maximum velocity v ranges from:
v = 0.825 c to 0.894 c ~ 0.8c to 0.9c

These values are only approximate because the 1/4 of the journey is only an approximate value. The distance from Proxima Centauri to the Alpha Centauri A or B star is very short compared to the distance between star systems (like our own) and they may not have enough time to reach their maximum possible speed. but this is sufficient to verify that the Cenos beings are from a star about as distant from the main stars as Proxima Centauri is from the main Alpha Centauri close binary pair.

From this velocity, the surface gravity of the Cenos home world can be estimated. Given v = a t where v is the velocity, a is the acceleration and t is the duration of time that the acceleration is applied, we can conclude:

a = 0.86 c/12 weeks = 0.86 x (186282 miles/sec. x 5280 feet/mile)/(84 days x 24 hours/day x 3600 sec./hour) = 116. 5 feet/sec.2 = 3.6 g's

If the acceleration (a) is being held constant so as to match either the surface gravity of the planet the Cenos aliens are coming from (or going to), then:
distance traveled = (1/2) X a X t2
2 X 6500 AU = a X (12 weeks)2
a = 13000 AU/(12 weeks)2 = (13000 X 93000000 X 5280)/(12 X 7 X 24 X 3600)2 = 1.3 X 93 X 5280 X 1010/(8.4 X 2.4 X 3.6)2 X 1010
a = 638352/5267 = 121 feet/second2 = 3.8 g

Thus, this seems like the Cenos come from (or are going to) a large planet with 3.6 - 3.8 times the surface gravity of Earth. Moreover, their strength reported as five times that of humans, also supports this conclusion. furthermore, in answer to the question: Does any planets revolve around our nearest star Proxima Centauri?? and does it have life?

As for life, small chance.
- Proxima Centauri is a flare star, meaning that it undergoes random fluctuations in brightness.
- Because Proxima is small the habitable zone is so close to the star, that any planet will always turn the same face to it.
Proxima Centauri is about 0.1% solar mass. Any planet in the habitable zone would always face Proxima and therefore always be lit up is consistent with the reported 'Cenos sky always lit-up'.[111] But the Cenos must be inhabit the 'Jupiter' of the Proxima Centauri star system or at least have a base there. However, it would be a bit unusual to find such a large planet orbiting the tiny Proxima Centauri star. By comparison, the Iargans, our King Combo's EILF, also has a larger planet larger than Earth where the surface gravity is nearly 3g, and the atmosphere pressure is more than 7 bar with higher nitrogen and ammonia contents than Earth's air. But those stars are larger K class stars (0.70 and 0.63 % solar mass)

It appears that Earth's astronomers have discovered our postulated planet:
Proxima Centauri b: Have we just found Earthís cousin right on our doorstep? - 2016/08/24

Did we find a terrestrial planet? We donít know for sure. The planetís MINIMUM mass is 1.3 Earths because we donít really know the orientation of the orbital plane with respect to the observer. (The radial-velocity method provides a measurement of m sin i, with i being the inclination of the system with respect to us.) Assuming random orientations of orbital planes, we have a 90% probability that the true mass is less than 2.3 times the minimum mass, so 3 Earths. In short, this could be a super-Earth or something more exotic, like a baby-Neptune
Note, if i = 90 degrees, M = 1.3 Earth masses
if i ~ 0 degrees, m could be tens of Earth masses.
However, it is anticipated that Proxima Centauri b is only a few Earth masses in size. "In the larger planet scenario, with a radius of 8,920 km, Proxima b's mass would be split 50-50 between a rocky centre and surrounding water. "In this case, Proxima b would be covered by a single, liquid ocean 200 km deep," "In both cases, a thin, gassy atmosphere could surround the planet, like on Earth, rendering Proxima b potentially habitable," it concluded.

The estimate of a 3.6 - 3.8 g surface gravity would be predicting a planetary mass of 51 Earth masses if the density of the materials of which it was made is the same as Earth's. While this is mathematically possible, it seems rather high for the Doppler values the astronomers have obtained for Proxima Centauri b. The Cenos aliens are likely amphibians and are remaining in water to offset the apparent higher gravity due to their ship's acceleration. They practice being out of water during their trip to the HANDS planet so they learn to tolerate higher 'simulated surface gravities' during their space flight. The HANDS planet is anticipated to be so large (~ 50 Earth masses) that its surface gravity is 3.6 to 3.8 g. The Cenos aliens are reported to have a hard time keeping up with the HANDS aliens on the latter's home world.[265] Thus, the unusually high accelerations and decelerations on the Cenos' journey from Proxima Centauri b to likely Alpha Centauri B is understandable.

Proxima Centauri is both a red dwarf and a flare star. It is debatable whether a planet orbiting this star could support life. Nevertheless, because of the star's proximity to Earth, it has been proposed as a destination for interstellar travel. However, since a planet has now been proven to exist around Proxima Centauri, and since we are now proposing that a sentient life form exists there, this strongly suggests a Brown Dwarf Star also exists in the Proxima Centauri system. Proxima Centauri seems too distant to be bound to the Alpha Centauri star system, so this would tend to exclude planet formation according the Astro-Metric theory unless another stellar object (e.g. brown dwarf) were present.

However, this is not the first time a red dwarf flare star has been proposed to support a sentient species. Wolf 424, or a star like it, has likewise been reported to host a sentient species.3

One final case is worth mentioning, and that is the much maligned Planet Ummo incident. Most UFO investigators dismiss this because so much disjointed and untestable information is present. It's as if a real UFO incident were being subjected to a disinformation campaign. Truth and fiction appear purposely mixed in the related literature.

The Ummo aliens' home stellar system, Wolf 424, and planet are described. Wolf 424 is a binary M class flare star system. . . . The details reported about Ummo are consistent with these observations:

Sunlight from an M class star could be scattered by a relatively clear atmosphere, giving Ummo's sky (and ocean's) a greenish cast. Thus, the dominant ocean area would give the entire planet a green color, just as our G2 class star gives Earth a blue color.
Gliese 581 is another red dwarf star suspected to host a sentient species. A message was sent using the RT-70 radar telescope of Ukraine's National Space Agency. The signal will reach Gliese 581 in early 2029

The Cenos claim that they have visited four intelligent species in other solar systems seems valid. The five total EILFs (including themselves) involved likely are:

The Cenos conclusion that the humans who wanted to visit their planet was indeed an unreasonable request. It would take the Cenos a minimum of 18 years to make a round trip to Earth and back. It would take at least 36 years to go and get them from Earth, fly them to the Cenos planet, and return them to Earth. Thisis half a human lifetime.

The Cenos claim that if humans viewed the backside of their Moon, the Cenos would be aware of it seems reasonable. The Clementine Mission(s) were just such a human effort. Moreover, there are many claims of lunar artifacts of substantial size. Consider the following:

The Cenos beings are our Slave Combo EILF because they have endeavored to serve both the human species archeologically and the HANDS aliens from both a medical and an astronomical educational point of view. They recognize that humans are a dangerous Warrior EILF and that the more peaceful Scholar and Priest EILFs formed in the same (Alpha Centauri) star system:4

The Alpha Centauri trinary system is the closest star system to host intelligent life. In the outlying regions of the galaxy, seven EILFs often co-incarnate on several nearby multiple star systems so interaction is possible. A star (separate from the home star of the sentient species) is required for the body type of each Avatar which must be formed (to help the species evolve). Thus, a binary star system can support two EILFs on the same or different planetary systems. Trinary star systems can support three EILFs, especially if one is a Scholar EILF as the Hill's alien contact suggests.

Scholar EILFs likely incarnate in multiple (three or more) star systems that contains planets hosting one of their related ordinal and cardinal EILFs. These EILFs are likely the Hill (Scholar) alien's trading partners.

Note that our King and Artisan EILFs formed much further away, in the 61 Cygni and Sirius star systems respectfully. All the EILFs, especially of the same Combo, are meant to interact (independent of technological prowess:5
These EILFs are meant to interact simply because this interaction enriches their total experiences of life on the physical plane. Obtaining these collective experiences is required for the evolution of both the EILF and the Collection. . . . It would be of little benefit for one Collection's EILF to contact another's in their space ships while the latter is "just climbing out of the trees". The interaction of peers, both in ensouled creatures of reason and EILFs, produces the greatest evolution.

Just as the human contact group was 'closing in' on verifying what they were getting, the Cenos space ship appeared to be 'conveniently' destroyed by hitting space rocks. But actually, such space debris has been reported to be a serious problem by other space faring species. consider the spacecraft of another one of our Combo EILFs, the Iargan Spacecraft, as they must travel more than 11 light years to reach Earth.

For spaceships that travel at relative speeds, space is not empty enough and not only streamlining but armor plating is also necessary. You have seen our ship and can see that armor is not a useless luxury.

"When our radar warns us of dust or material, we make the banking maneuver that you have just seen. This then presents the smallest possible surface area to the danger. Nevertheless, each particle of dust makes burn marks on the plating. For this reason we always fly in line formation. The command consists of five ships and the lead ship is always unmanned, because this one runs the greatest risk.

"Yes, fine, thank you- ,,but didn't you say something about a protective weapon which you could use if material threatened to cross the path of the spacecraft?"

"The antimatter ray, Stef, is a defense against larger blocks which only rarely occur in space. The use of this ray demands not only enormous quantities of energy, but it is controlled by strong restrictions to prevent disturbing the natural balance. We are only justified in its use when no other methods are possible. This weapon cannot replace the armor plating of our ships."

There appears to be evidence that the Cenos did visit Earth during the time of the Akkadian civilization (~2300 BC). One was designated the Sumerian god Enki (or the Akkadian god Ea).

Figure 6. An 8.5 Foot Tall Cenos Being?(dated circa 2340-2180 B.C.)

Figure 6 is a picture of the Sumerian god Enki (Akkadian: Ea) seated on a throne with two streams of water erupting from his shoulders. A bound bird-man ("Zu- bird") is being led before him after its capture for judgment and execution of sentence.

Figure 7. Another Image Of Ea(dated circa 2334-2154)

Another image of Ea (Enki) who not only played the part of Eden's Serpent, but also the part of Eden's God, Yahweh-Elohim in that in other myths he is credited with creating man at Eridu and Nippur, denying him immortality, changing the one language of mankind into a babel of tongues, and warning one man to save the "seed of man and animals" from the universal Flood by building a great boat. See:
NOAH'S ARK Ė Verification of Alien Contact

Figure 8. Another Picture Of Ea Associated With Modern Astronomical Information.

The analysis presented indicates that the god Ea (a Cenos alien) is associated with the recently (since 1687) computed relative masses of the Jovian planets compared to the Sun . The size, the designation of the being as a 'god' and the relatively modern astronomical information about our own solar system, supports the assertion that the being depicted is a Cenos being.

Ea and West Semitic deities: Jean Bottero (1952) and others suggested that Ia in this case is a West Semitic (Canaanite) way of saying Ea, Enki's Akkadian name, associating the Canaanite theonym Yahu, and ultimately Hebrew YHWH. The God in our Bible is an alien astronaut! Our theologians have mislead us.

The Cenos aliens are frequent visitors to Earth, having last visited during WW II. So it should be no surprise that they are back again:
8' TAIWAN ALIEN DECLARED TO BE REAL BY EXPERTS! (Picture & Videos) - January 3, 2013

Figure 9. Possibly a Cenos alien

An 8'+ tall alien with webbed hands that was spotted in Taiwan in December has been determined to be real! The following videos and pictures show three different media reports out of Taitung, Taiwan. The videos feature the rather strange sighting of an "alien being". In going by the translation of the original report, the sighting took place near a body of water known as Jiaming Lake. Experts at the Taiwan Unidentified Flying Object Society (TUFOS) measured the 'alien' to be approximately 8.2 feet tall. The 'alien' had webbed hands, nearly completely transparent skin and his head was quite similar to the head of a praying mantis. TUFOS experts concluded that the alien being had come from an underground alien base in the vicinity of the lake.
Taiwan Alien : Policeman Photographed Transparent Creature Near Jiaming Lake In Taiwan
Taiwan UFOlogy Society (TUFOS) on Saturday announced a transparent alien creature was photographed by a police officer near Jiaming Lake, located at an altitude of 3310 meters, in the southern part of the Central Highlands in Taitung.
Above photograph shows large alien creatures with transparent body, webbed hands, seen from a distance. Due to its odd shape, TUFOS certain, it's not human, but a creature from outer space.
Chairman TUFOS, Huang Chao-ming revealed, the photo was taken by a police officer with his iPhone 4.
UFO Researchers: 8-Foot Humanoid Aliens From Proxima B Visited Earth In 2012
The alleged visit of Cenos aliens to Taiwan in 2012 attracted the attention of members of the online alien and UFO conspiracy theory community. Conspiracy theorist and UFO blogger Scott C. Waring, reported the rare Taiwan sighting in January 2013.
Waring reported the alleged sighting of an 8-foot alien in Taitung, Taiwan. The photograph of the alleged alien was taken by a local police office near the Jiaming Lake (see YouTube videos). According to Waring, alien experts said the photographed entity was a humanoid being with a head structured like that of a
praying mantis.
Notice that the Taiwan alien is showing attributes of a possible ET alien amphibian. The web hands and appearance near Taitung lake are compatible with the 4300 year old depictions of water being 'sprayed on' the ancient god. Likewise, the height of this biped species seems to match.


The contacting group of humans realized that professional astrophysicists could at least check the astronomical data for consistency.[255,256] The 'cover up' of the extra-terrestrial alien phenomena proved effective and the astrophysicist contacted would not even speak to the contactees (however they were invited to write another letter).[257] Apparently, the twin Earth prediction proved to be too ridiculous. Note, the Earth/Moon system is that of a double planet and this point could have been lost in translation. The Cenos mentioned other things about our solar system:

A human parapsychologist took part in a telepathic session, but was not impressed.[270] Apparently, he though it was at the levels of a child's fantasies and paid no attention to the written records of the contacts. They also contacted a congressman.[258] The contactee's felt that people hearing of this would doubt their sanity and thus suspended the contact sessions. Stubbornness, the fear of change, kept the stupid humans stupid.

Certainly this was a victory for those participating in the 'cover up' effort. However it was a real loss for all mankind as there are not many highly capable telepathic humans, especially those who can contact extra-terrestrial beings. The HANDS beings (the Priest species)contain those who can sense the future (bible code). Currently, mankind stands at the brink of horrible war. And aliens are busy implement a nuclear weapon turn- off program that could save mankind from self extinction.

Humans are notoriously stubborn and the 'fear of change' has blinded most of us. The military is a notable exception, as if they fail to 'change with the times, they lose wars. But stubbornness has blinded our scientists, particularly our astronomers. It also has blinded our politicians, but then we never expected much from them anyway as they are 'the worst among us'.


This is a relatively 'pure' case of lucid telepathic contact with another sentient alien who has a vastly different body type. It was made during the late 1950's when the subject of extra-terrestrial aliens was not widespread. It has provide great insight into the nature of two anticipated extra-terrestrial sentient alien species relating to our own. Among the most important findings are:

The most important conclusion of this analysis is that telepathic communication between distant different sentient species on other star systems is apparently common. That likely applies to the sentient species right here on Earth like the cetaceans! Mankind's best chance to communicate with distant extra-terrestrial sentient species could well be via the cetaceans. Only a few humans have the necessary telepathic skills needed to make contact. Perhaps our 'military' dolphins could interact with these humans and they could relay extra-terrestrial alien communications to us!

The psychopathic nature of our political leaders may be inhibiting our contact with these distant aliens. The seven EILFs found in the same Combo are like a 'family' and are generally helpful to one another. However, our leaders (both political and elite) have caused (at least the extra-terrestrial aliens) to ostracize us from the 'family. The extra-terrestrial EILFs are aware of our human leaders deceitful and genocidal nature. They have branded us as a species not to communicate with although they frequently visit us. Even the non technological HANDS aliens flying in their familiar orbs are touring our planet. It is not our technology that is holding us back from re-joining our galactic family, it is those that lead us that are the problem.



The late (09/07/2010) Wendelle C. Stevens had apparently deduced the name the Cenos ET aliens called their home world, Baavi. He reports that they (the Cenos ET aliens) have visited the ages. Even more amazingly, he reports that a human linguist has visited their home world where he studied them for two months. Even more significantly, astronomers have found traces of a brown dwarf companion star to Proxima Centauri. This suggests that Proxima Centauri is a star independent of the Alpha Centauri system which make sense because planets much further that 600 AU from our sun would eventually be ejected from solar orbit by a passing star. Proxima Centauri is about 13,000 AU away from the Alpha Centauri star system. This also implies that there are likely two sentient species living on Proxima b. See PROXIMA CENTAURI Sentient Space Mobile Species Detected and 'Birdman' in Figure 6 above.

If the above are valid, there must be a massive effort being undertaken by the ET aliens to bring humanity into our little Combo of seven sentient species. Who on Earth would be resisting their efforts?


1. HANDS The True Account - A Hypnotic Subject Reports On Outer Space by Margret Williams and Lee Gladden
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"The last common ancestors of humans and crows lived 320 million years ago," he said. "It is possible that the consciousness of perception arose back then and has been passed down ever since. In any case, the capability of conscious experience can be realized in differently structured brains and independently of the cerebral cortex."
This means primary consciousness could be far more common across birds and mammals than we've realized.
If this proves true, the next and possibly even more fascinating question is: do these animals also possess secondary consciousness? Are they aware that they are aware?