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This chapter attempts to apply the principles of ASTRO-METRICS to define intelligent life forms in our galaxy. The flavor of the alien civilization as well as their body type is sometimes predictable. The purely physical scientist may find this chapter difficult to accept if little prior study of the related philosophical concepts has been attempted. See the Philosophy section of the Selected Bibliography. Anticipated results are limited as little supportive data is available.

This work begins with the structure of the human soul and simply extends its related architecture to other sentient extra-terrestrial life forms. A review of Appendices A and B (found in ASTRO-METRICS, the book) is useful towards understanding this procedure. The technique is the direct application of the theosophical principle:

"AS BELOW, SO ABOVE" and vice versa.

Restated for the purposes of this work, this means that the organizational structure of Ensouled Intelligent Life Forms (EILF) elsewhere in the universe can be paralleled, by analogy, to the organizational ensouled structure of humans as found on Earth. The Yarbro works are used to define the latter and the extrapolation of the same will define the former. This analysis will block the analogies accordingly:


Like mankind, other EILFs will be found on planets of binary or multiple star systems. A grazing encounter of two primordial black holes will seldom produce enough accompanying planets or satellites to act as portals for the seven primary EILF types. See Appendix B. Different planets within a solar system acts as portals for the seven soul types that characterize a sentient being whereas the corresponding stars act as portals for forming the different EILFs. These other solar systems should exhibit at least eight planets or major satellites for an EILF to be hosted and its evolution occur. Multiple star systems may support multiple EILFs. A simple binary system can support two EILFs. It is uncertain if the Alpha Centauri trinary system can support more.

The search for intelligent life beyond our planet raises the question as to what "intelligence" means. Theosophical definitions imply that a life form becomes intelligent because it possesses an expanded choice array compared to the other non-ensouled species on its planet. Theosophical theories offer the only widely known philosophy which can bound the nature of ensouled beings found in distant solar systems. Astral radiation (see Appendix A) is the mechanism of ensoulment and, in conjunction with genetics, defines these EILF creatures, their characteristics and location.

EILF creatures become acculturated so they can evolve. Attributes other than just a large brain are required, such as communication ability. Creatures like the squid and octopus can become ensouled and probably exist in other solar systems (likely representing the bulk of the independently mobile EILF creatures in the galaxy). Communications between such creatures may rely heavily on audio rather than video rates as images may mean little. If long range electronic communications (at radio frequency) are employed, they may rely on frequencies which can penetrate sea water.


Biological evolution of life is generally accepted by most scientists. While all accept that intelligent life exists (if only human), many may be at odds with the assumption that humans are ensouled, or uncertain as to what it may mean.

The evolutionary process required to form an EILF is very different from that needed to form an organism. The following will describe that process required to evolve an intelligent species from a non-intelligent species, and how that process restricts and defines the resultant EILF.

Most animals and plants found on Earth have hive or group souls. These souls orchestrate the behavior of these life forms so that they all act much alike, and (in the case of animals) their actions are heavily driven by fear. For example, the chirping pattern of all "prairie dogs" when faced with a potential threat (e.g. someone walking by) is almost identical. Upon death, the group soul governing the actions of these non-ensouled creatures simply withdraws. The others of its type are almost unaware that one of their group has died.

Such creatures experience little "choice" since their actions are dictated by the external group soul. Their evolution is slow because it is throttled by their limited ability to make choices. Animals are usually creatures (or prey of creatures) of the "fang and claw". Fear is required as a means of survival, for without it, they would likely starve, or be eaten. As (wild) animal species often seem so affected by fear, it would seem to imply that astral radiation from unshielded black holes constitute much of their "personality". They are likely not influenced much by planet based astrology.

At some particular place and time in the galaxy (see Chapter 13), the conditions are right on the physical plane to ensoul a creature governed by a group soul. Perhaps the formation of an EILF is required by the Tao (or God) so the collective choices and their consequences, experienced by many species, can be integrated and synthesized by the Tao. This can occur only when EILFs co- operatively accept one another. However, this integration is effectively impossible for the group spirit because fear has governed its experiences on the physical plane. Something, for some reason, selects a species and re-programs or re-organizes its group soul which eventually becomes the core of its "personality".

The group soul is torn apart, divided and organized into such structures as Cadres, Entities and Cadences (the smallest spiritual unit). The Cadence is further divided into seven pieces or fragments when it is "piped down" to dwell in and govern, through choice, an individual EILF creature.

Cadence fragments choose likeable body types and compatible personalities . They are one another's natural friends or allies because they are all fragments of the same spiritual unit. They can easily accept or love one another. But if this were all, only these fragments would ever reunite. Different fragments of different Cadences generally greet each other with some degree of hostility.

There are two other components of this reorganization (outside of one's Cadence) that strongly influences one, but for different reasons and with different intensities. Each ensouled being (fragment of an EILF) has a counterpart called a "Task Companion". Together, they have a very effective working relationship and can accomplish meaningful work in life.

Each ensouled creature (fragment) has a counterpart called the "Essence Twin". The Task Companion relation-ship is focused outwardly, on the world at large, whereas the Essence Twin relationship is focused inwardly, on the heart . The bond between Twins is of unparalleled intensity and often becomes subjects of ballads and stories. This bond is considered further in THE PERSONALITY OF THE SOUL section, since its formation is important to the technological evolution of mankind. The bond is so intense because it must be strong enough to cause the ensouled creature to accept the other's Cadence (and Entity) members despite atrocities which may have been committed in past lives. To form this relationship, fear , in its most seductive form, must be overcome. These relationships are infrequently formed. Fear's control of the personalities is threatened by their proximity.

The ensouled creatures of reason must learn to love one another enough that they can re-combine on the astral plane. The creatures choose different personalities (and gain different experiences) in each one of their series of lives. Each ensouled creature is like a separate species during each life, with their own individual combination of fears. They evolve by choosing to overcome fear and accepting one another through the joy of essence contact.

The evolution of an EILF begins once it has been cast and starts to expand its set of choices. The comfortable relations between ensouled creatures, which are Cadence fragments, frequently occur as these relationships are formed time and again in many lives . These relationships provide an easy means to overcome fear through essence contact. Essence contact revives the joyful memories of togetherness the spiritual beings once had when they participated in the harmonious actions of the unified group soul.

Essence contact (usually experienced only briefly and yielding a sensation of extreme joy) is accomplished by the manifestation of love. It is the only mechanism for evolution of the ensouled creature (or EILF) . It is only possible for those brief periods when fear is overcome. The greater the fear that is overcome, the greater the joy that is experienced. During these periods, fear can no longer dominate or control the ensouled creature. They become truly free, and can exercise "freedom of choice" to a greater extent. Then they gain real control of their own lives and destinies.

Contact between Essence Twins (each members of a different Cadence) suppresses fear and is the greatest threat to fear's continued control of the ensouled creature. Fear seems to have a "mind of its own" and is determined to convince them to abandon the relationship. Fear usually succeeds and the relationship is most often forgotten or denied.

If fear is vanquished, love prevails. An Essence Twin will simply not put up with fear standing between it and its beloved Twin. Joy, wisdom and health ensue. Prolonged "essence contact" occurs, yielding evolution for both Twins. Unfortunately, fear usually prevails and joy is denied.

Love must be freely chosen, for ultimately a wiser EILF must emerge; one willing to combine with another EILF. As ensouled creatures on the physical plane become acculturated, they use their power of making choices (in a series of lives) to ultimately free themselves of fear. One might choose to "adopt a child" because one has none of its own. Another may choose to "seduce" a woman because one is experiencing lust. But if the child has the soul of its Cadence member or the woman the soul of its Essence Twin, love can occur through choice and essence contact can occur for both.

Under these conditions, a choice was made which permits the ensouled creature to suppress fear and experience love. Eventually, the ensouled creature realizes that love promotes wisdom and joy, while fear is just an impediment to both.

The act of choice, and experiencing the consequences of those choices, is the procedure that makes an EILF "intelligent". As their souls recombine on the astral plane, they become very intelligent because they are able to freely share the consequences of their choices from many collective experiences. Eventually, the EILF creatures are prepared to explore the possibility of accepting their fellow EILFs.

It would take a great deal of time and effort for an EILF to evolve like this. Fear is at the core of the non-ensouled creature from which the EILF evolved. Fear can only briefly be suppressed. Moreover, it takes special conditions (discussed in Chapter 13) to form an EILF, and these conditions are not continually available. So the Tao has thoughtfully provided Avatars to help the developing EILF along. One type of Avatar, the Transcendental soul (e. g. Gandhi), helps the EILF along by introducing social and cultural change. In a way, this soul is everyone's Task Companion. It helps fill the bellies and cure the diseases, thereby providing an environment conducive for love to be chosen. This prepares the EILF for an impending arrival of the Infinite soul.

The manifestation of the Avatars is key to our social and technological evolution. The Transcendental soul can induce technological discoveries near the time of its manifestation by its psychic connection with mankind. This is for purposes of stimulating the advancement of the ensouled species in which they are incarnating. For example, although they never met face to face, Gandhi stimulated (via astral contact) Einstein (to begin development of relativity) and Percival Lowell (to begin to search for Pluto) in the 1905 to 1907 time frame.

The Infinite soul forms a bridge between the EILF and the Tao. The Infinite soul, in a way, is everyone's Essence Twin. The manifestation of such an Avatar must be experienced as there are no words or recordings great enough to convey the feeling. The ensouled creatures must have evolved far enough on their own to briefly suppress fear, otherwise, fear will block recognition of the Avatar. Evolution is the primary goal for the EILF (and EILF creature)

The manifestation of the Infinite soul has a profound effect on the ensouled creatures. The effect is global, with many not being consciously aware of exactly what has happened because recognition occurred on the astral plane while they were asleep. A strange feeling of "joy" may pervade the planet due to contact between humans and the Avatar on the astral plane. Thus, an agenda for the evolution of ensouled creatures of reason may be as follows:

  1. Learn to briefly suppress fear and experience a little of the joy of love on your own.
  2. Evolve slowly by collecting a series of essence contacts in a sequence of lives.
  3. Experience an Avatar and sustain a massive suppression of fear and an extended period of the joy of love through essence contact.


Extra-terrestrial (ET) EILFs abound in the universe. The first issue is to recognize one, should there be an opportunity to observe it. Obviously, creatures moving about in space ships, etc., are members of an EILF. But that definition would exclude mankind during most of its past existence.


Each human has an indwelling soul or spirit that is locked to its chosen body. A human can be enslaved or murdered by another, but one human cannot usurp and occupy the host body of another. Each EILF is locked to its chosen planets and solar system. An EILF can be enslaved or annihilated by another, but that EILF cannot reproduce in the former's host solar system (or planet?).

The first analogy defines the nature of the Ensouled Intelligent Life Form (EILF). Most would agree that, we do not have extraterrestrial aliens living among us as friends and neighbors. Previous chapters have suggested that the problems of interstellar space flight can be solved, and that some have visited Earth. Human/alien interbreeding stories abound, but the fetus always seems to be missing. The resultant being gets the soul of the alien or human, depending into which solar system it is born, not the one into which it is conceived. The aliens understandably prefer to deal with their own kind of souls.

A vast variety of living organisms can be ensouled. Plants, animals, insects living independently or in hives just to mention a few. Dexterity is not necessarily a requirement, but communication is. The communication can take a variety of forms, including ones not generally found among humans such as telepathy. Nevertheless the architecture of the soul remains the same. Understanding this architecture is the key to understanding other sentient beings throughout the universe.

The definition of an EILF does not imply technological development nor does it even require an independently mobile species. EILF creatures of such a diverse physical nature exist within our galaxy, that we may not recognize them as even being alive, much less ensouled, acculturated or intelligent. Plant life, parasitic or otherwise, and even hive creatures can achieve intelligence through choice. Table 12-1 identifies a possible set of traits which may aid in recognition of an alien EILF when encountered.

TABLE 12-1

I. An EILF is composed of "creatures of reason" and as such will have an explosion of choices available to it as compared to other non-ensouled species on their planet. The greater their freedom of choices, the more advanced and intelligent the EILF will be. The extent or degree of freedom of choices across the planet may not be homogenous. The expanded ability to make choices is the paramount feature of an EILF.
II. The EILF will be able to (and will) deny choice to its own kind. Such denial can occur by murder, enslavement, imprisonment or some other means.
III. The EILF will be acculturated, exhibiting apparently irrational behavior patterns which are a function of its acculturated beliefs. It will not exhibit standard periodic behavior patterns which influence other planetary species. For example, a mating season will not exist because reproduction will be an act of choice and a variety of astrological conditions are necessary to express life.
IV. Almost any living being can be ensouled. One way to organize the categories of ensouled life forms can be as follows:

a. Independently mobile, like animals on earth.
b. Dependently mobile, like pilot fish or parasites living on animals.
c. Non mobile, like plants.
d. Randomly mobile, like jellyfish.

Ensoulment does not have to depend on a fixed organization of cells like a plant or animal. Hive creatures can be ensouled, like a hive of bees or school of fish.
V. The ensouled creatures may exist comfortably in almost any orientation (e.g. walk erect). Astrological influences of the group soul in animals (note: not humans) is apparently sensed through the spinal column . Animals sense this influence which seems to be generated by the vector cross product between the astral radiation from the Earth and various astronomical sources (above the Earth). Thus, animals - and alien animals - will prefer to have a linear structure of nerve tissue perpendicular to a radius vector from the planet so they can obtain data/guidance from the group soul. Plants require a similar structure along (parallel to) the radius vector of the planet. Ensouled animals often prefer to "walk erect" and ensouled plants reject geotropism and grow randomly, to demonstrate their independence from outside control.

The assertion is made in Chapter 6 that "astrological forces influence all sentient beings in the universe". If astrological forces really exist, how is one influenced by "Mars in the Sign of Cancer" if, for example, one is born on Mars? Astrologically speaking, the Sun is the "Giver of Life", and the galactic center, (and possibly other distant objects), define the body type. A human born on Mars may lack certain basic elements of the personality. Moreover, ensoulment by one of the seven soul types (see Appendix B-3, Tables B- 2 and B-5a) will be missing - and startling new ones could appear. If human reproduction is organically possible, the resultant creature may not only look different, but it may not even be ensouled. If the latter is true, it would act like a tame or semi-wild animal.

Subtle influences are noticed by those of a different race (e.g. Chinese) when their children are born in distant places. Their re-location (relative to Earth's disc shaped Primordial Black Hole - PBH) causes changes in their progeny's overall physical appearance.

Analogy 1 is verified by observation. Since there is little evidence that members of extra-terrestrial EILFs are residing on our planet, perhaps they are prohibited from breeding here. Assuming inter-stellar travel possible, some extra-terrestrial EILF creatures would certainly find it beneficial to live here, if only for study, trade, or exile.

It is reasonable that others are capable of space travel since we have achieved it within a century of learning how to fly. Moreover, reported contacts with extra-terrestrial EILF creatures are legion. Even if only a few are valid, it must be concluded that their visit is limited to brief periods, suggesting travels for purposes of tourism or data collection.

The second analogy defines the relationship between the EILFs within the galaxy. It describes the organization of EILFs in the galaxy and nearby globular clusters. EILFs are structured in a manner much like souls are, and ultimately, we contribute to each others' experiences.


Cadence: Each soul is a fragment of a Cadence. Seven individual souls form this fundamental unit. Combo: Each EILF on a planet is a fragment of a Combo. Seven such EILFs form a Combo.
Entity: A collection of 1,000 to about 1,200 souls. All the souls within the Entity are organized into Cadences. Enormity: A collection of 1,000 to 1,200 EILFs. All the EILFs are organized into super Combos, each with seven Combos.
Cadre: A group of seven Entities, all cast at the same time and therefore "linked". Collection: A group of seven Enormities, all cast at about the same time and therefore "linked".

Encounters between EILFs of different Combos (even within the same Enormity or Collection) may prove frightening to one another. However, there are EILFs which will be our natural allies. Identifying these EILFs, and learning to accept them despite their apparent differences, leads to the evolution of all concerned. It also provides a mechanism to accept the ones which we will perceive as real "monsters". All parties concerned benefit when co-Combo EILF recognition and acceptance occurs.

The type of EILFs cast is similar to the type of souls cast. See Table B-2 (listed in ASTRO-METRICS, not on this web site). The overall structure of seven relates to the entire organization of ensouled life on the physical plane. All the EILFs throughout the universe, without exception adhere to this rule . Intrinsic personality, soul type, soul cycle and soul sub-cycle all adhere to this fundamental structure.

A Combo consists of seven different EILFs incarnated in several different solar systems. Combos come in seven different types and their distribution within a Collection is listed in Table 12-2. All these EILFs are from one re- programmed group spirit and are scattered on the planets of many stars. Our Combo is suspected to be "ordinal of the inspirational polarity" because we are socialistic (e.g. the Romans' "Bread and Circuses" or our own "Welfare State"). We seek to serve the only ones available, ourselves.

TABLE 12-2

A. Assimilation Combo 7 X 22 Combos / Collection
B. Ordinal; Inspiration Polarity Combo7 X 37 Combos / Collection
C. Ordinal; Action Polarity Combo7 X 25 Combos / Collection
D. Ordinal; Expression Polarity Combo7 X 33 Combos / Collection
E. Cardinal; Inspiration Polarity Combo7 X 15 Combos / Collection
F. Cardinal; Action Polarity Combo7 X 7 Combos / Collection
G. Cardinal; Expression Polarity Combo7 X 15 Combos / Collection
*Note, there are 7 X 154 Combos in a Collection, or 7546 EILFs.

Ordinal Combos are generally active on the physical plane, the cardinal ones passive. The cardinal ones are - the "Chiefs", the ordinal ones - the "Indians". There are almost three times as many ordinals as cardinals (souls or Combos). Ordinal Combos will often choose an independently mobile body type, such as an individual, hive or school species. The Cardinal Combos EILFs often choose parasitic (dependently mobile) or other non-mobile body types. Since a Combo requires at least seven different EILFs (usually on different planets), these generalities represent an overall preference. Combos often include representatives of hive, non-mobile, and independently or dependently mobile species.

The Combo incarnates in seven different EILFs, three ordinal, three cardinal and one neutral (assimilation). Body types chosen by ordinal EILFs are usually ones able to significantly modify their environment. Cardinal EILFs accept body types more at ease with nature. The neutral EILF chooses a body type which can best integrate with the others, and permits the acquisition of knowledge. It is most beneficial for an EILF to recognize its own Combo EILFs.

Other EILF creatures may live longer than humans, especially if they live on large satellites. They may choose the parent planet or another satellite as their "planet of fecundation". It must move through three quarters of their zodiac (with this time scaled by progression to one of their years) before the creature becomes an adult (if it is raised at all). The mind forms at this time, and the primary fears enters its personality. This period is scaled to mankind's by the factor ((12 TP/TE)-1 + (TS/TM)-1)-1 where:

TP/TE = (RPlanet/REarth)3/2 X (MSun/MStar)1/2;
TS/TM = (RSatellite/RMoon)3/2 X (MEarth/MPlanet)1/2. (where R = orbit radius, M = mass)

Assuming the Denaerde aliens (considered in chapter 13) inhabit planet f of the 61 Cygni A star, and the Hill aliens inhabit the satellites of planet h (the third planet from the A star) in the Alpha Centauri star system, an estimation of the average life span of the individual beings can be made using these equations.1 The Denaerde and Hill aliens average 1.6 and 5.62 (satellite h-2?) times longer lives than humans respectively.

Analogy 3 defines bonds between EILFs.


Cadence Member EILF Combo Member

Task Companion

EILF Task Companion
Essence Twin EILF Essence Twin

The bonds between Combo EILFs are naturally strong and favorable. These EILFs function as a unit to bring the lessons of life to bear as related to inter-planetary contact.

The EILF "Task Companion" will manifest as an effective working relationship bond between the two. EILF's "Task Companions" will be from different Combos and Enormities. The Combo they represent will never be the same type. It will be a very practical and workable relationship.

Naturally all such contact will not be of this nature. Clashes can and will occur between EILFs of different Combos, and these clashes can result in the annihilation or enslavement of an EILF. Should an EILF be annihilated by another it will simply reincarnate in another species. The EILF doing the annihilation will earn a karmic debt of enormous proportions. It may be annihilated by the EILF it annihilated, or by one of its Combo EILFs.

Solar systems about stars near unshielded black holes (naked singularities) may exhibit EILFs, some of which are pre-disposed to the most violent homicidal tendencies. These can be cultures of great saints and great sinners. Leaders of such cultures (almost always young soul types) should be regarded with the utmost caution. Conquest of other EILFs by the vilest of means would not be beyond their capacity. Choice is the raison d' etre of the physical plane and these leaders may likely choose to disregard the consequences of genocide as so much nonsense in their effort to achieve material status and power. EILFs inhabiting solar systems near V821 (black hole), HD 151939 and V926 sco (strong X-ray sources) can be most dangerous.

The EILF Essence Twin relationship will be awesome. Our Twin will be cast at the same time and in the same relative position as the group soul is split to form the EILFs of the Collection. The EILF will view its Twin with great trepidation, but be strangely attracted. They will be at the same level of evolution and may exhibit the same level of (but different) technology. They will exhibit opposite tendencies to ours, and often "rub" us (collectively) the wrong way.

Most binary systems can support two EILFs, often a cardinal and ordinal one, especially if they are far from the galactic center. In systems where the Binary Companion is small (such as ours), the ordinal EILF may dominate the cardinal. There may even be a tendency for the stronger (especially a Warrior EILF) to extinguish the weaker.

Comparable multiple star systems may exhibit compatible EILF relationships. Thus, they may choose to incarnate on different planets within the stellar system.

The presence of a binary system (with organic life forms) does not guarantee the presence of an EILF. But if two EILFs are present, both will be at about the same evolutionary level. The evolutionary level will be reflected in the tenor of the culture (freedom of "choice") of both, but it likely will not be exhibited in their technology.


Natural alliances will be possible between EILFs of the same Combo. Though physically and culturally very different, they will be at much the same evolutionary level from a "freedom of choice of the individual creatures" point of view. Each EILF will find the other's body type attractive or acceptable, and they will feel comfortable in an alliance with one another. This provides a basis to deduce body type, even in the absence of direct physical contact.

Each EILF will be sub-consciously aware of the other members of its Combo because they are all part of the same fundamental spiritual unit. This awareness often finds itself expressed in the entertaining arts or literature of the EILF. See Table 12-3.

TABLE 12-3

ScholarThe Neutral Or Assimilation Polarity The Hill Aliens3 See Table H-9
SlaveOrdinal Of The Inspirational PolarityThe Cenos Aliens
WarriorOrdinal Of The Action PolarityThe Humans. See Table H-8.
AritsanOrdinal Of The Expression PolarityThe Dogon Aliens. See Table H-13.
PriestCardinal Of The Inspirational Polarity The HANDS or Wood Aliens 4
KingCardinal Of The Action PolarityThe Denaerde Aliens.5 See Table H-11.
SageCardinal Of The Expression PolarityThe Cetaceans. See Table H-12.

A following section, MANKIND'S COMBO ENSOULED INTELLIGENT LIFE FORM - EILFS considers these beings in depth


The population of planets by EILFs (Ensouled Intelligent life Forms) offers a marvelous example of how the universe is ordered. The planets formed by many multi-star systems (as postulated by the ASTRO-METRIC concept) generate enough portals for the seven fundamental soul types (Appendix B-3), and provides a host planet on which the ensouled creatures can exist.

Large binaries star systems often produce two almost independent solar systems as if "God" foresaw the need for different planets to host different EILFs, yet be close enough to encourage interaction. Other binary systems (often with dark stars) offer only one habitable planet. There, EILFs are close enough to interact with another, even if only modest technology is available. The two stars provide the mechanisms needed to form the required Avatars. The Avatars require two stars to implement the development of their personalities as they incarnate in host bodies.

The Collection of EILFs are cast from the Tao at about the same time and form a fundamental unit. Casting of the Collection (or of even a higher organization than the Collection) is a function of a specific alignment with the galactic center. The galactic center is the source of the "Rising Sign" influence on humans at birth and it is likewise linked to the birth of an EILF. See Analogy 4. As planets bearing living creatures intersect the spin plane of the galactic black hole, a spiritual "jolt" is delivered to free them from the group soul or to initiate ensoulment of a selected life form.

Astral radiation from the galactic black hole is necessary to form EILFs on a given planet, but the Primordial Black Hole at the center of the planet interacts with that radiation with radiation of its own. Additionally, the star at the center of the solar system provides astral radiation of its own. However, in multi-star (e.g. binary star) systems, the astral radiation from another star in the system can contribute astral radiation to develop the sentient species, and certainly Avatars of that sentient species that inhabits that star system. The result is that the structure of sentient life form might be rather unique to a given planet, or certainly to a given solar system. For example, aliens from a sentient species in the Alpha Centauri star system could not just come in and breed in our star system. Their progeny would soon find themselves with a "human" soul in an alien body, and all the problems that brings.


The galactic black hole axis precesses with respect to the galactic axis as the two are not aligned. Consequently, a great variety of non-ensouled species can eventually be selected for ensoulment, but the appropriate conditions must wait to be met. But the EILF's existence will be brief as measured by a geologic clock or even the clock registering the evolution of an animal species.


As Below - Individual SoulsAs Above - Individual EILFs
Human ensoulment occurs at birth. Among other factors, body type is determined by the relative location of the galactic center. Ensoulment of a species is possible when its host solar system is almost precisely in the spin plane of the galactic black hole.

Similar non-ensouled life forms are likely found in nearby star systems that are similarly (but not identically) affected by extra-solar system astral radiation. EILF's are usually selected from other compatible life forms. The well known harmony between humans and dolphins is a result of mutually acceptable body types as well as co-Combo membership.

Paleontology indicates that (non-ensouled) life forms are present for hundreds of thousands (or millions) of years. The physical presence of the Simian mammal has existed for (3.5) millions of years, and as such, it was not an EILF. Diverse animal species form in an orderly way, depending on galactic astral forces, particularly those from the galactic center and unshielded black holes. It is natural for humans to assume they will be around for a corresponding period, but this is not true.

EILFs are cast, Collection by Collection while the alignment of the planets bearing life forms of non-ensouled creatures is just approaching the galactic astral radiation peak. About 1372 Collections (representing more than 107 EILFs) are currently evolving in our galaxy. Approximately 1029 more are found in the Large Magellic Cloud (satellite galaxy) and other star clusters near our galaxy

Evolution of any EILF (including humans) may only occur while a solar system is confined to a thin plane about the spin axis of the galactic black hole. Assuming its axis is misaligned (e.g. by >1o) with the galactic axis, the entire evolutionary process is restricted to two small wedge shaped regions of the galactic plane. EILF evolution may be limited a few hundred thousand years.

The EILFs of a specific Collection are cast almost simultaneously somewhat along radius vectors on opposite sides of the galaxy. Therefore, each is confined to a small part of this wedge. These EILFs are meant to interact simply because this interaction enriches their total experiences of life on the physical plane. Obtaining these collective experiences is required for the evolution of both the EILF and the Collection. Thus, long distance space travel may be easier along the galactic radius. The evolution of EILFs of the same Collection is in some sort of synchronism, so they may interact in an intelligent and acculturated manner. Violent clashes may occur causing inter Collection EILF creature karmic debts leading to cross EILF creature incarnations. It would be of little benefit for one Collection's EILF to contact another's from space ships while the latter is "just climbing out of the trees". The interaction of peers, both in ensouled creatures of reason and EILFs, produces the greatest evolution.

The astral radiation emitted from the galactic black hole can be compared to diffraction from an optical slit. If the black hole and galactic spin axis are miss-aligned, the peak intensity will usually (depending on galactic longitude) be above or below the galactic plane. The peak intensity is encountered by a solar system occurs in two wedge shaped sectors of the galaxy. These are defined by the intersection of the spin plane of the galactic black hole with the galactic plane. Consequently, ensouled or intelligent life in the form of an EILF can develop in solar system (or on Earth) every time it makes a half rotation around the galaxy.

Figure 13-1 (and the habitability of Earth) suggests that sentient beings could have flourished in our solar system, one half galactic rotation ago - a half Cosmic Year.
Period Of The Sun's Orbit Around The Galaxy (Cosmic Year)
"The Sun's orbit around the galaxy is about 220 km/s and thus its orbital period is about 240 million years. "
Milky Way
The apex of the Sun's way, or the solar apex, is the direction that the Sun travels through space in the Milky Way. The general direction of the Sun's Galactic motion is towards the star Vega near the constellation of Hercules, at an angle of roughly 60 sky degrees to the direction of the Galactic Center. The Sun's orbit about the Milky Way is expected to be roughly elliptical with the addition of perturbations due to the Galactic spiral arms and non-uniform mass distributions. In addition, the Sun passes through the Galactic plane approximately 2.7 times per orbit.
It takes the Solar System about 240 million years to complete one orbit of the Milky Way (a galactic year),
The Sun's Motion Perpendicular To The Galactic Plane - August 1985
maximum heights above the plane from 49 to 93 pc
For all the models we consider, the most recent passage of the Sun through the galactic plane occurred in the past 3 Myr provided only that the present position of the Sun is between 0 and 20 pc above the plane.
Solar System Sails Sideways Through Milky Way - May 15, 2007
Our solar system is hurtling through space while angled nearly perpendicular to the plane of the Milky Way, new computer models suggest.
"It's almost like we're sailing through the galaxy sideways," said study team leader Merav Opher, an astrophysicist at George Mason University in Virginia.

The findings, detailed in the May 11 issue of the journal Science, suggest the magnetic field in the galactic environment surrounding our solar system is pitched at a sharp angle and not oriented parallel to the plane of the Milky Way as previously thought.
Using computer simulations, Opher and her team concluded that this asymmetry is best explained if the local galactic magnetic field, located just outside our solar system, is angled some 60 to 90 degrees to the plane of the Milky Way.

The Black Hole at the center of our galaxy is spinning so it is thin and flat. Technically, it is a Kerr hole and is defined by a Schwarzschild discontinuity in the metric tensor:
Black Hole

The first modern solution of general relativity that would characterize a black hole was found by Karl Schwarzschild in 1916, although its interpretation as a region of space from which nothing can escape was first published by David Finkelstein in 1958.
There is general consensus that supermassive black holes exist in the centers of most galaxies.
This solution had a peculiar behaviour at what is now called the Schwarzschild radius, where it became singular, meaning that some of the terms in the Einstein equations became infinite.
Georges Lemaître realize that this meant the singularity at the Schwarzschild radius was an unphysical coordinate singularity.
The simplest static black holes have mass but neither electric charge nor angular momentum. These black holes are often referred to as Schwarzschild black holes after Karl Schwarzschild who discovered this solution in 1916.
In 1963, Roy Kerr found the exact solution for a rotating black hole.
The no-hair theorem states that, once it achieves a stable condition after formation, a black hole has only three independent physical properties: mass, charge, and angular momentum.
In the case of a charged (Reissner–Nordström) or rotating (Kerr) black hole, it is possible to avoid the singularity. Extending these solutions as far as possible reveals the hypothetical possibility of exiting the black hole into a different space/time with the black hole acting as a wormhole. The possibility of traveling to another universe is, however, only theoretical since any perturbation would destroy this possibility. It also appears to be possible to follow closed time-like curves (returning to one's own past) around the Kerr singularity, which lead to problems with causality like the grandfather paradox. It is expected that none of these peculiar effects would survive in a proper quantum treatment of rotating and charged black holes.
This Black (Kerr) Hole acts like the antenna for a height finding radar producing a wide thin wide beam. Astral radiation is emitted by this 'antenna' intersects the stars circling the galactic center. When a star passes through this region, the hive Group soul of a 'selected' animal is broken into many fragments and these fragments find their way into the 'selected' physical body. Ensouled Intelligent Life Forms (EILFs) can be generated in this 'EILF Wedge' twice every Cosmic Year, about 240 million years long for our galaxy. Thus sentient life forms can be generated in a galaxy every half Cosmic Year, or in our case every 120 million years.

The stars in the galaxy do not rotate about the galactic center as if they were fixed to a ridged disk. Instead, galactic differential rotation occurs somewhat like a step function vs. the galactic radius. See Figure 13-2. Thus the 'Cosmic Year differs for other stars at different radii from the galactic center. The slower rotations experienced near the galactic centers gives the EILFs in these regions adequate time to evolve. Additionally, an increased astral radiation strength may also be encountered. But radiation from various other black holes located about the galaxy may not contribute unless the solar system is further removed along the galactic radius vector itself. Thus, an abundance of plant and animal form varieties may not be experienced by sentient species located near the galactic center. Our more distant location produces a larger 'zoo' or 'botanical garden'.

There is a 'fine structure' within the EILF Wedge. This is because the Galactic Center Black Hole antenna has side lobes similar to (but different then) a regular radar antenna. At the places where a lens or antenna has a null for electromagnetic radiation, the astral radiation has a peak. But this is only in the EILF Wedge region. Thus, multiple forms of a selected animal species are formed, evolve, and die out. This is thought to be due to the different flowing of time on the astral plane, as it flows from our future to our past.


Assuming that the Cosmic Year begins at the center of the EILF wedge, the time ensouled mankind (AKA the Dawn Of Mankind) appeared can be calculated. The center of the EILF wedge (Figure 13-1) has been found to occur at:

Table 1 Various Human Species Over The Years ~927 ka or about 927,000 years ago or 0.927 Mya.

The Dawn Of Mankind occurred at 55,655 to 55,680 BC or about 0.0577 Mya.

Thus, the Dawn Of Mankind occurred at about 0.927 Mya - 0.0577 Mya = 0.8693 Mya or 0.003622 Cosmic Years past the center of the EILF wedge.

0.5 COSMIC YEARS BACK IN TIME - The Map Of "The Creator"

A surprising Russian find. indicates sentient life was active on Earth half a Cosmic Year ago. Assuming this claim is not bogus, a find of Bashkir scientists is contrary to traditional notions of human history: Stone stabs, 120 million years old have been found covered with the relief map of Ural Region. Specifically:

The Map Of "The Creator
The relief has not been manually made by an ancient stonecutter. It is simply impossible. It is obvious that the stone was machined. X-ray photographs confirmed that the slab was of artificial origin and has been made with some precision tools.

From an On-Line Press Conference With Alexandr Chuvyrov:

A 3-D Map Of The Earth Created 120 Millions Of Years Ago.

Scientists of Bashkir State University have found indisputable proofs of an ancient highly developed civilization’s existence. The question is about a great plate found in 1999, with picture of the region done according to an unknown technology. This is a real relief map. Today’s military has almost similar maps. The map contains civil engineering works: a system of channels with a length of about 12,000 km, weirs, powerful dams. Not far from the channels, diamond-shaped grounds are shown, whose destination is unknown. The map also contains some inscriptions. Even numerous inscriptions. At first, the scientists thought that was Old Chinese language. Though, it turned out that the subscriptions were done in a hieroglyphic-syllabic language of unknown origin. The scientists never managed to read it…

Latest investigations of the map bring one sensation after another. Now, the scientists are sure of the map being only a fragment of a big map of the Earth. According to some hypothesis, there were totally 348 fragments like that. The other fragments could be probably somewhere near there. In outskirts of Chandar, the scientists took over 400 samples of soil and found out that the whole map had been most likely situated in the gorge of Sokolinaya Mountain (Falcon Mountain). Though, during the glacial epoch it was tore to pieces. But if the scientists manage to gather the “mosaic,” the map should have an approximate seize of 340 x 340 m.

The plate now called "Dashkin kamen" is artificial. It was produced from a special cement of three layers, and the third layer is a white-colored porcelain. It should be noticed that the relief on this plate was not cut manually with some ancient stonecutter. It is evident that some mechanical work was done. It has a significant size: about 1.5 meters in height, more than 1 meter wide, and 16 cm thick. It weights more than 1 ton. In the scientists' opinion, it is a relief, a 3-D map.

There are not only rivers, but two systems of channels up to 500 meters wide and a total length of 12,000 kilometers. The whole hydro system includes 12 dams 300-500 meters wide, 10 kilometers long, and 2-3 kilometers deep. They made it possible to turn water from any side into any channel. About 1000 trillion cubic meters of soil were moved to create this."

There are obviously many issues about this analysis, not the least of which is the age of the map itself. Further, this find should not suggest that the map is of human origin. It could have been made by an alien species, but that doubtful as such beings are unlikely to make Earth their biological home for extended periods of time. An Earth bound sentient species is a more likely candidate. Bear in mind that 120 million years ago, the KT dinosaur extinction event of 65 million years ago had not yet occurred. So the nature of this sentient species remains open to question.


Another similarly strange example are the tiny skeletons of humanoids found in Antarctica. Assuming this claim is not bogus:

Amazing Discovery! Fossils Of Tiny Humans Found In Antarctica - March 27, 2017

Amazing Discovery In Antarctica May Shake The Foundations Of Science - Mar 21, 2017
The remains of what appear to be tiny humans have been found in the Whitmore mountain range in Antarctica, an area not thought to have been habited until recent times given the location’s remoteness and frigid temperatures.

The most puzzling thing about these fossils, however, is that they predate the dinosaurs, hundreds of millions of years before anything resembling hominids first appeared. The two near perfectly preserved skeletons are thought to be 600 million years old. Older than any previously discovered vertebrates.

The shape of the bones also indicates that they are human rather than primate and the completeness of the remains also suggests that they are from adults rather than infants. Whether these are some advanced civilization that visited and possibly lived on the Earth long before complex life evolved is.

While the discoverer of the bones insists that they are not extraterrestrial in origin, there is a distinct lack of any other explanation given the age of the fossils. At a time in history when life was evolving in the seas, and nothing even lived on the land, let alone advanced species such as mammals, human remains are definitely out of place.

"The fossil history of life on Earth has been pushed back to 3.5 billion years before the present. Most of these fossils are microscopic bacteria and algae. However, in the latest Proterozoic — a period now called the Ediacaran or the Vendian, and lasting from about 635 to 542 million years ago* — macroscopic fossils of soft-bodied organisms can be found in a few localities around the world, confirming Darwin’s expectations.”

Ensoulment appears to be initiated for a selected species when a solar system cuts the spin plane of the black hole locate at the galactic center. Notice, this boundary appears to be an access portal to the astral plane where time is moving backwards. There it is an effect-to-cause universe whereas here on the physical plane it is a cause-to-effect universe. Acculturation begins in the EILF Wedge during the period of one of the peak intensities of astral radiation occurs. For example, Hominoids might have been first shaken "down out of the trees" at the point of crossing the first peak in astral radiation that they encounter. So the first EILF formed from Homo erectus was about 1.9 million years ago. When the animal changed to an ensouled creature of reason, it is known as a 'realm border' crossing. That is because the former animal now has a new perspective on the physical plane. Its ability to make choices and observe the consequences of those choices has been expanded. It can make 'mistakes' ('bad choices') and learn from these mistakes. This is how it becomes 'intelligent'.

Alternatively, the human EILF became Homo rudolfensis or Homo habilis was formed into an EILF by this side lobe of astral radiation furthers back from the main peak. Homo Erectus may have largely been an animal, but could have become ensouled before it went extinct. However, Sol did not remain close to the galactic Black Hole region of peak radiation long enough, and there was simply not enough time for the species to evolve. Thus, the species reverted back to its "animal" form or simply perished for other reasons.

Homo ergaster (Working Man) was the human EILF formed by the next stronger side lobe about 1.5 million years ago. This EILF is divided into earlier and later man. They evolved then disappeared.

Homo antecessor developed from the next astral side lobe encountered. They evolved then disappeared. There is no EILF that formed near the center of the EILF Wedge as there is no strong lobe there. The casting of new souls ceases after the middle of the EILF Wedge. reincarnations continue.

Homo heidelbergensis became the next human EILG to form past the midpoint in the EILF Wedge, than Homo rhodesiensis and Homo Neanderthalensis (both about 309,000 years ago. There seemed to be plenty of time for Homo Neanderthalensis to evolve and they had peak astral radiation to sustain their development. The Neanderthal’s daily diet of nearly 2 kg of meat—the equivalent of 16 Quarter Pounders—included human flesh. Perhaps the Homo Sapiens Sapiens provoked the Neanderthals a little too much.

Soon, Neanderthalensis had evolved, and the species left the physical plane. The analogy here is like a 'man' dying. Only here it is a sentient species dying off. It just no longer needs the experiences of the physical plane. Upon completing the required evolutionary cycles, the EILF creature species appears to reverts to its previous 'animal' state, or simply dies out.

Homo sapiens sapiens appeared about 57,700 years ago. The EILF was much the same as the Neanderthals and they co-existed before they really got going. They may have remained in 'animal' form until the Neanderthals evolved off the physical plane. Thus, they were in a position to experience two Realm Border crossings, the one that changed them from an 'animal' to Homo sapiens sapiens, and the second (the Rapture) that will change their perception of the physical plane once again.

The Realm Border Crossing applies to sentient beings not 'unmodified' animals or plants with exterior souls guiding them, or physical objects. The later are governed by regular physics as we know it. Astrology's 'astral ray' is from astral space and a black hole is a Schwarzschild discontinuity in the space/time continuum (AKA the physical plane).With humans evolving through this final evolution . . . their experience on the physical plane will be complete. These six stages of human evolution is called the 'Grand Cycle'.

It is extremely unusual that a 'human form' should be found two widely diverse points in Earth's evolutionary history 600 million years apart. It is only assumed that some form of humans formed the Map Of The Creator and that too is unusual. However, there is no 'proof that sentient human beings formed that map. But the tiny humans forms found 600 million years ago do definitely look human and not extra terrestrial alien. It is also unlikely that tiny human formed extraterrestrial aliens would be 'fossilized'. Their is no evidence that these human forms were sentient. However it appears that the general human form is associated with the evolutionary development of animals on Earth. This implies that there is some sort of 'astrological' forces at work that define the general 'human' form associated with a given animal species indigent to Earth and its location in our solar system. If these tiny humanoid find is valid, this is a reasonable conclusion because the Chinese Tzu Wei astrology sometimes defines a subjects face, often a subject's body and sometimes even hair color. Sentient beings have to form in the EILF Wedge one way or the other, even if we can time travel as the Realm Border Crossing suggest. The theory that the side lobes in the Wedge are still needed. Consider what one of the most renowned astrologers, Max Heindel, has said:
The Message of the Stars

It is the ruler of the rising sign, THAT is the determinator with regard to our mineralogical affinity, because at the moment of conception when the seed atom of our present mineral body was deposited, the Moon was in that particular sign and degree (or its opposite), and acted then as a focus of forces which have since crystallized into the vehicle we now wear.

Further investigations have shown that the reason for this fact is that at the time of conception when the seed atom was planted in the ovum, the Moon, which is the Cosmic agent of fecundation, projected its fertilizing ray through the sign and degree which later rises at the moment of birth (or its opposite). For that reason the rising sign and degree continue to be the avenue of ingress of the life-forces which build the body of the babe until the severance of the umbilical cord, and the nature of the rising sign is thus indelibly stamped upon the new vehicle and retained all through life.

According to occult science Jehovah and His angels are the guardians of the seed atoms, the basic factors in fertilization. The activities of the angels are directed to the maintenance of plant, animal and human life upon earth. To this end their forces are focused by the wandering Moon through the twelve signs of the zodiac; they impinge upon the fetus in a creative manner during the period of gestation from the time of conception to birth.

The ancient Egyptians pictured this sign as a scarab or beetle which was their emblem of the soul and they called Cancer the sphere of the soul, for it is said that through this moist watery sign fertilized by the lunar ray the seed atoms are projected into the womb of the prospective parent who is thus prepared for the period of gestation; and occult science adds to this that the seed atoms of the animal kingdom, which is still mindless and therefore not amenable to lunar influences in that direction, are projected through the watery martial sign Scorpio while the seed atoms of the inert plants are poured in through the Jupiterian sign Pisces just before the Sun enters Aries at the vernal equinox to awaken the plant seeds sleeping in Mother Earth, which have been fertilized by Pisces. Thus the human family has the longest period of gestation, the animal a somewhat shorter one and the plant the shortest of all.

Jupiter is essentially dignified when found in Pisces, or in Sagittarius, the sign of aspiration. He is exalted in Cancer, the house of the Moon, for the seed atom which furnishes the body of the incoming Ego is protected by the Moon into the sphere of Cancer but Jupiter represents the spiritual part and therefore he presides at the ingress of the Ego itself into the body.

The ancient Egyptian sages called Cancer the sphere of the soul, and when the mystic Sun of life goes through this moist, fruitful lunar sign the seed atom of the ego’s physical body is planted.
The galactic black hole is the source of the rising sign in astrology, and one can't have a sentient being without the astrology concept being applicable. The astral ray is from astral space and a black hole is a Schwartzchild discontinuity in the space/time continuum defining the physical plane. Thus, the Realm Border Crossing applies to sentient beings, for non-sentient objects, we are back to regular physics as we know it. Thus, the bounds of time travel, as defined by Realm Border Crossings, are limited to sentient beings:
Black Hole
In the case of a charged (Reissner–Nordström) or rotating (Kerr) black hole, it is possible to avoid the singularity. Extending these solutions as far as possible reveals the hypothetical possibility of exiting the black hole into a different space/time with the black hole acting as a wormhole. The possibility of traveling to another universe is, however, only theoretical since any perturbation would destroy this possibility. It also appears to be possible to follow closed time-like curves (returning to one's own past) around the Kerr singularity, which lead to problems with causality like the grandfather paradox. It is expected that none of these peculiar effects would survive in a proper quantum treatment of rotating and charged black holes.
So what is 'seed atom' like. We know that there is such a thing as an 'Essence' of the human being. The essence of the body extends about one inch from the flesh. Perhaps this is what astrology's 'seed atom' grows into as body type is usually provided by the Tzu Wei astrology. Sentient beings both 'feel love' which is the cancellation of fear in their essence of one person by another. This is why lovers 'hold hands' and why it is so important for orphan children to be held by those people running an orphanage.

Consider what Cassiopaea has said about undergoing a Realm Border Crossing into the fourth dimension:
Appendix B Data From Cassiopaea

(L) So if the region goes into fourth density, will the people living there also be in fourth density?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Will they notice that anything is different? Will they, not us, they? Those who are within it?
A: Are you kidding?
Q: (L) I guess they will.
(T) Well, I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.
(J) Their perception is going to change!
(T) But, how can their perception change if they’re not going into fourth density?
(L) No, they said they are going in to fourth density! But they’re not "going" anywhere (J) There will be no traveling involved.
(T) We’re not "going" anywhere, we're shifting our frequencies up to the next density, not moving from where we are.
A: Picture driving down a highway, suddenly you notice auras surrounding everything.... Being able to see around corners, going inside little cottages which become mansions, when viewed from inside... Going inside a building in Albuquerque and going out the back door into Las Vegas, going to sleep as a female, and waking up male... Flying in a plane for half an hour and landing at the same place 5 weeks later..."
People are thought to sometimes change sex when they reincarnate. Going to sleep female (the soul goes to the astral plane) and waking up male implies that the sentient being has shifted from one incarnation to another. Thus, time travel is possible after a Realm Border Crossing, and one must have a soul or essence in order to accomplish this feat.

The purpose of the physical plane, from a sentient being's point of view, is to make choices and experience the consequences of those choices. A Realm Border Crossing by an already sentient species does not change this. Currently, we humans are 'third density' beings. That means that once we have made a choice, we have made it in the 'now'. We can change our minds and remake the choice later, but we cannot go back to that 'now' where the choice was made. When we become 'fourth density' beings, we can go back and live in a 'now' that was before we made that original choice. More specifically, our Essence can do this, not our physical body. But remember, our Essence has already lived in the 'now' that a specific choice was made. When we sleep, our Essence is on the astral plane. Our Essence is influenced by astral radiation. So when we are 'fourth dimension', we can go back to time before that choice was made. Then we can prompt ourselves to make a different choice at the time of that original 'now'. Our brain is on the physical plane, but our Essence is at least influenced by astral radiation and seems not to be a physical object. Our brain is like an antenna that picks up signals from the Essence (which is where our mind is). That prompt can change the choice we made during that original 'now'. We change the choice, we change the consequences of that choice. Essentially, we can still find out what the consequences of that different choice lead to. Thus, fourth density beings are still creatures of the physical plane, but now they are ones with more flexibility in making choices and observing the outcomes of those choices. The consequences of these new choices will influences other sentient beings who were affected by those choices. Thus, this flexibility does not come without complications. Of course, even third density sentient beings live with complications their choices have made on other third density sentient beings.

The expansion of the brain in mammalian species is thought to accompany the creatures 'associative' abilities as opposed to just running bodily functions. See Table 13-1. Note that the human species formed just after the center of the ELF wedge (Homo heidelbergensis) seems to have the largest brain size with Homo neanderthalensis smaller and Homo sapiens sapiens even smaller.

Brain size doesn't tell all. Humans are big-brained manipulators. Cetaceans and elephants are big-brained non-manipulators. See Table 13-2. The hominid brain grew from 450 cc to 1,300 cc over about 5 million years, but broke the 1,000 cc barrier only 1.3 Million years ago. Cetaceans had already reached 690 cc (enough to run the organism) 30 million years ago. With four lobes, greater & more pronounced neocortex convolutions, and superior size, the brain of the Sperm whale or Orca exceed that of the humans. The significance of this size in terms of intelligence is not known. However, the species may have experienced several realm border crossings by now. In captivity, whales and dolphins show considerable capacity for learning and a well-developed sense of play and of care giving. The function of this EILF leads to more speculation.

TABLE 13-1

Human SpeciesBrain Size ccAppeared Ago
Australopithecus afarensis ~ 450 -4.0 to -2.8 Myr.
Australopithecus africanus ~ 450 -3.2 to -2.1 Myr.
Homo habilis ~ 650 -2.2 to -1.6 Myr.
Homo rudolfensis 750 -2.1 to -1.8 Myr.
Homo ergaster > 850-1.8 to -1.2 Myr.
Homo erectus 900/1200-1.3 to -0.15 Myr.
Homo antecessor 1000 >-0.780 Myr.
Homo heidelbergensis< 1600-0.5? to -0.2 Myr.
Homo neanderthalensis1450-0.3 to -0.03 Myr.
Archaïc Homo sapiens1250/1300-0.2 to -0.13 Myr.
Homo sapiens sapiens1350 -0.0577 Myr.

TABLE 13-2

Celatean SpeciesBrain Capacity ccWhen Observed
Cetaceans 690 -30.0 Myr.
Bottle-nosed dolphin 1640Present
Sperm whale 8667 Present
Orca 6000 Present


Specifics of stellar motion eliminate many local star systems from hosting sentient life. Stars do not just smoothly rotate around the galactic center. They oscillate up and down. It is this motion that limits or restricts the stellar system that can host sentient life. Table 13-3 lists the vertical off- set for other near-by star systems compared Sol's location in the direction away from the galactic plane.

Sentient life usually forms when it has a reasonable length of time to evolve. Biological life has existed on Earth for hundred's of millions of year while Sol has rotated about the galactic center many times. But only rarely has conditions permitting sentient life to form. During one galactic rotation, an oscillation occurs when Sol is near both the peak of its oscillations and near the spin plane of the galactic black hole. Sol languishes there for a relatively long period of time, hundreds of thousands of years. During other oscillations, Sol just speeds through the spin plane (at about 50 kps - kilometers per second) or is not near the galactic black hole's spin plane at all when at the top of its oscillation. Some astronomers have calculated that we are currently moving upward and away from the galactic plane at about 1 kps. Sol is now near the peak of its oscillation, 25 light years from the galactic plane (private communication). As we know that our solar system hosts sentient life, we can surmise that those nearby star systems, that may have recently crossed and are near the spin plane of the galactic black hole, also could host sentient life.

TABLE 13-3

Light Years
(Light Years)
SolG2 0 0.0Yes
Alpha CentauriG2,
4.39 -0.016 No
Proxima CentauriM64.22 ~ -0.016Yes - Occultation
Barnard's StarM4 6.0 1.42Yes - Wobble
Wolf 359M6 7.7 6.44No
Lalande 21185M2 8.2 2.17Yes - Wobble
SiriusA1, A5(wd) 8.6 - 1.26No
U.V. CetiM5.5, M5 9.0 - 8.25Yes - Wobble
Ross 154M4 9.4 -1.72No
Ross 248M5 10.4 -2.63No
Epsilon EridaniK2 10.8 - 7.98Yes - Doppler
Luyten 789-6M6 10.8 - 9.45No
Ross 128M4 10.9 -9.50Yes
61 CygniK5, K3 11.01 -1.27 Yes - Wobble
Epsilon IndiK3 11.4 - 8.26No
ProcyonF5 11.4 2.63No
Lacaille 9352M1 11.7 - 10.69No
Groombridge 34M2, M4 11.7 - 3.63No
Sigma 2398M4, M5 11.7 4.49No
Tau CetiG8 11.8 -11.32No
BD+5o1668M4 12.3 2.22No
L725-32M5 12.5 -12.28No
Lacaille 8760K5 12.5 - 8.72No
Kapteyn's StarM0 12.7 - 7.31No
Krueger 60M3, M4 12.9 - 0.136Yes - Wobble
BD-12o4253M5 13.9 5.27No
Wolf 424M5.5, M5.0 14.7 14.01No
26 DraconisG1, M0 49.4 26.04No

This oscillation of stars, especially nearby ones, limits those that could host our Combo EILFs. Nearby systems, and ones of around the same mass, like Alpha Centauri, Sirius and Procyon are believed to be moving along in the same direction. Likewise, a system like 61 Cygni, although analysis has not been completed on it. However, it seems to be falling at about 7.3 + 1 = 8.3 kps, suggesting that it has reached the peak of its oscillation and is now falling back toward the galactic plane. Similar analysis on some of the other critical star systems may have not yet been preformed.

A further problem is that the period of Sol's oscillation is not totally understood. Estimations for a quarter of a period of the oscillation range from 0.75 to 3.0 million years.6 The shorter the time, the farther a star can be displaced from Sol and still offer an opportunity for sentient life to develop. The shorter the period, the greater the permitted Delta Off-set. A quarter oscillation period of 0.75 million years suggest that if Sol crossed the galactic plane 300,000 years ago, it must be about 5.1 light years lower (towards the galactic plane)then it is now. A 1.3 Myr. and 3.0 Myr. quarter period yields only about 1.72 and 0.308 light years respectively. A 1.3 Myr. quarter period offers a realm border crossing about 4 million years ago, when hominoids (Australopithecus afarensis) first stated standing and walking upright.7 This jolt partially freed man from his animal like group soul, and he began to experience making choices on his own. His brain started to grow accordingly. It was not until the realm border crossing of 0.309 Myr. ago that the indwelling soul ensoulment process was complete, and a true sentient being, Homo neanderthalensis, was formed on Earth.

Different Combos and different EILFs within a given Combo take different time spans to evolve. Our type B "ordinal of the inspiration polarity" Combo, which is the most numerous, takes among the shortest times. Within the casting time, a "cardinal" EILF will take longer to evolve than an "ordinal" one. There are 76 - 78 species of Cetaceans in existence today still living out their evolutionary cycle.

The astral radiation also exhibits diffraction. Homo neanderthalensis, Archaïc Homo sapiens, and Homo heidelbergensis may have been the first truly acculturated beings like us (Homo sapiens sapiens). They were likely formed while Sol was passing through the upper lobes of the astral radiation emitted along the edge of the galactic black hole's spin plane.8 The same lower lobes formed Australopithecus afarensis, causing him to walk upright 4 Myr. ago. Homo erectus (formed 1.3 Myr. ago and Australopithecus africanus (formed an estimate 3.48 Myr. ago - 0.3 Myr. earlier than listed) were likely formed by a jolt from the lobes Near the center of the EILF wedge.9 The lower lobes formed Homo habilis, Homo rudolfensis and maybe Homo ergaster (although probably formed earlier than listed). The formation of different sub- species of hominoids also seems to be associated with comet or meteorite strikes as well.10 Estimates are difficult to arrive at due to the absence of good quality astronomical oscillation as well as reliable archeological data.

While Homo neanderthalensis was formed about 300,000 years ago, Homo sapiens were formed only 57,700 +/- 500 years ago. We are the newest human sentient species. Homo heidelbergensis and others have come and gone. A benchmark as to when the Celatean became sentient is not available, but this theory would suggest that it could have been also around 300,000 years ago. Whales are in the minority of that sentient species, but the more recent dolphins (like modern day humans) abound. Sol's crossing of the galactic black hole's spin plane could also be denoted as the "life wave". However, this is a misnomer as non-ensouled life may exist on any hospitable planet within the galaxy. Other EILFs (within our little group of seven) were likely cast within 20,000 years of one another. Our EILF may complete its evolution in another 57,700 years or more, unless we change sentient species body type (i.e. choose a squid like body to reincarnate in because we can no longer use the Homo sapien body as a host. Same for the dolphins, unless they are driven off Earth by our Warrior EILF.

Factors other then the Delta Off-set, restricts the possibility of sentient life being hosted on some of these star systems. For example, if they are multiple star systems, and the geometry is such that planets being formed in the liquid water zone is impossible, the SETI list rejects them. The SETI list does not consider M class star systems whereas this work does. If astronomers have found indications of planets orbiting the stars, either by the astrometric wobble technique or the more recent Doppler technique, that would be considered a positive sign that other planets may be found there and biological life could also exist. Finally, UFO data providing information on the home star system of the aliens contacted could prove very useful, if it is a creditable report. UFO reports are considered credible if they provide some new and scientifically testable data. Table 13-4 lists the star systems with a Delta Off-set less than 5.1 light years and denotes whether or not they are SETI approved, have detected planets, or have credible UFO reported contacts. The closer the star system is to Sol, and the smaller the Delta Off-set, the more likely it could host the life form of one of our Combo's EILFs.

Alien contact may be the most positive identification of sentient species activity in nearby star systems. Analysis of the Hill map indicates that the Alpha Centauri star system as the probable abode of the Hill aliens (AKA the Greys). It is almost parallel to Sol and rising at 1 + 0.15 = 1.15 kps (compared to Sol's 1 kps)upwards from the galactic plane. The combination of the ASTRO-METRIC model of their solar system and the Hill map suggest that they are from satellites of a large Jupiter class planet of that system (third planet away from the A star in the liquid water zone). The proximity of this system could account for their frequent visit to Earth during their space sojourns. Alpha Centauri contains a Sun like (G2) star, a favorite star system among SETI scientists. Further, its proximity to Sol would yield a humanoid like body type (if only in gross shape). Astral forces throughout the galaxy would combine there in a manner similar to how they have on Earth to produce the humanoid form.

TABLE 13-4

Light Years
Light Years
Alpha Centauria, fG2, K1 4.39 - 0.016 YES NO YES
Proxima CentaurieM64.22 ~ -0.016NO?YESYES
Barnard's StarM4 6.0 1.42?YES NO
Lalande 21185M2 8.2 2.17? WOBBLE NO
SiriusbA1, A5(wd) 8.6 - 1.26NO MAYBEYES
Ross 154M4 9.4 -1.72? NO NO
Ross 248M5 10.4 -2.63? NO MAYBE
61 CygnicK5, K3 11.01 - 1.27YES WOBBLE YES
ProcyonF5 11.4 2.63NONO MAYBE
Groombridge 34M2, M4 11.7 -3.63? NO NO
Sigma 2398dM4, M5 11.7 4.49?NoNO
BD+5c1668M4 12.3 2.22? NO NO
Krueger 60M3, M4 12.9 -0.136? WOBBLE NO
a. The Hill aliens (Greys) and the The Wood aliens
b. The Dogon aliens (Nommos)
c. The Denaerde aliens (Iargans)?
d. Sigma 2398 is in the Draconis Constellation and often considered a minature of the 61 Cygni star system. The "Reptoids", an alleged sentient species visiting Earth, are claimed to originate from a star in this constellation.
e. The Cenos aliens.
f. The Hands/Wood? aliens.

The Wood aliens often accompany the Hill aliens on their sojourns through space. Further, the Hill aliens acknowledge that there are trade routes indicated on the Hill map. Analysis of these routes show that they are with a planet (or its satellites) found orbiting the B star. As the mission of the Scholar EILF is integration, it would likely begin closest to home. That is, with the EILF found in the B star's planetary system. It is unlikely that the Hill aliens could inhabit (and reproduce) in this star system as the astral radiation relating to the B star would be far different than the ones relating to the A star. Further, EILF's often form in pairs when far from the galactic center, and this would be such a pairing.

From their actions alone, it is difficult to isolate which are the Scholars and which are the Priests. The Scholars focus on knowledge and the Priests focus on they higher good. Specifically, both have been warning mankind of an impending strike by a major comet or meteorite.13 This theory is supported by ten substantial abduction cases wherein aliens have warned abductees of an impending catastrophe. Six of these warnings indicated impending meteor or comet impacts. Additionally, similar warnings have been delivered through crop circle T367. These meteorite strikes have annihilated past human civilizations, and offer the same threat to annihilating our own. Overcoming these threatening strikes is considered a major goal necessary towards the advancement of human civilization and they are helping us toward this goal (a characteristic feature of a Combo EILF). Therefore, the Hill and Wood aliens appear to represent our Scholar and Priest Combo EILF members.

61 Cygni is one of three systems that could host the Denaerde Aliens because:

  1. By their own admission, they are from a star system slightly more than 10 light years from Earth.
  2. Denaerde's careful painting shows Iarga's Sun as orange - yellow, not light - yellow as our Sun. This identifies it as a K5(+/- 2) class star
  3. Their planet's surface gravity is almost 3g14
  4. They claim that their culture is very old.
Only three K class stars (Epsilon Eridani, 61 Cygni and Epsilon Indi) are a little more than 10 light years from Earth. Epsilon Indi's and Epsilon Eridani's Delta Off-set are too large to permit them to remain a viable candidate star system. Further, the Denaerde aliens are suspected to be the ones who have retransmitted a copy of Marconi's original long distance radio transmission.15, 16 This signal is reported to have been acquired by the Naval Observatory during August of 1924.17 The time of Marconi's transmission, and its reception 22.6 years later, requires it to have been retransmitted from a source less than or equal to 11.3 light years from Earth. Procyon is close to this range, but it is excluded by SETI considerations of stable planet orbital geometeries. SETI generally considers that small M class stars like Ross 248, are unlikely to host sentient life for some reason, perhaps just because they are too numerous to monitor for electronic transmissions. Further, there are no indications of planets around Ross 248, but there are two possible planets detected around 61 Cygni. These planets conform with the ASTRO-METRIC model of their solar system. Consequently, the Denaerde aliens are thought to originate from the 61 Cygni system.

The Denaerde aliens are suspected to be our King Combo EILF. First and foremost, they recognize that they are a part of us.14 To wit:

"When the second part of this book has been read, this will no longer cause any surprise; it will have become clear that these beings are not only our cosmic brothers and sisters, but that there also exists our ego-counterpart with which we will one day be united."

Combo EILFs are analogous to Cadence member humans who are all a fragment of the same soul. So our cadence members are ego-counterparts of the same soul. Thus, the Denaerde aliens are part of the same Combo that formed mankind. Further, they offer to help us lead us (as a King would) in the development of our culture. To wit:

"We wish no discussions. We will only answer questions when you do not understand something, and we will remain silent when you do not agree with us. We will help you to climb the ladder of knowledge, rung by rung, first to social stability, then to the super culture and, if you can follow this, to the misty heights of cosmic integration. " "We will only give you knowledge. You must remain free to do with this knowledge what you will.

Further, the Denaerde aliens are efficient leaders and managers. So much that the contactee almost considered it to be a form of their religion. To wit"

"Unbelievable! I thought that you practiced efficiency as a sort of religion, but now I see that your economic system is a religion of sorts as well." "You are beginning to understand, but the word 'religion' is not well chosen."

These interactions with the Denaerde aliens should not be interpreted as an attempt to control mankind. Rather, it should be interpreted as help from those who have mastered certain skills It is an act of kindness not tyranny (which is leadership by force, an act of fear). The Denaerde aliens were indeed and in fact offering us their aid. And their aid will eventually be essential for our evolution which is obviously a goal of mankind's existence.

The Dogon tribe are a people that live in the Homburi Mountains near Timbuktu. At the center of their religious teachings is knowledge about a star (in the Sirius star system) that is invisible to the eye - even through most telescopes. A faint companion star to Sirius A was detected in 1862 after 50 year cyclic variations were found in the proper motion of this 2.14 solar mass star. No photographs were taken of it until 1970. Sirius B is a white dwarf that, although small and faint, is extremely dense and heavy enough to exert an influence on Sirius A. Sirius B is as massive as our Sun (1.05 solar masses), but only 19,000 miles in diameter.

Many scientists do not consider any part of the Sirius system a prime candidate for life. Even ASTRO-METRICS, when analyzing the Hill star map describing the Hill aliens possible sojourn, did not consider Sirius a potential star to be visited. Instead, Procyon was depicted on the "The Hill Star Map Interpreted". This leg of their travels was in the direction of the Sirius star system and could just as easily have been to the Sirius star system instead. At the time of this analysis, the Sirius star system was rejected because it was felt that a red giant undergoing nova to the white dwarf star (Sirius B) would give inadequate time for life to evolve on any orbiting planets. The possibility of life developing on a planet of a third star in the system was not even considered.

There was some data that indicated that Sirius is a three star system as early as 1920. Experienced observers, some even using the same telescope that discovered Sirius B have consistently observed it as a double star.18 The observations were consistent with a nominal two year period, one that would offer a stable orbit about Sirius B. Sirius B gets within 10 AU of Sirius A, and any planets (or small stars) orbiting Sirius B would be scattered into outer space unless they were in less than three year orbits or so. However, these observations were rejected by a study from the Naval Observatory (where the vice president lives) in 1973. More recently, a third star (Sirius C) in the Sirius system and this has been (1995) proposed by astronomers as a 0.05 solar mass red dwarf in a six year orbit. Celestial mechanics favor it orbiting Sirius A.19 At least, Sirius C appears to exist.

The Sirius system is believed to be one that has had a tortured past. Sirius C could be a dwarf star that was formed as a "planet" of Sirius A that grew large enough to form an M class or dark star. Or, there could be such a star that formed in the ancient past when Sirius B went nova and changed into a white dwarf. Matter expelled by this explosion could have be acquired by a planet of the B star causing it go grow into a small star. There could be other habitable planets orbiting Sirius A or B. Alternately, if Sirius C is a large "planet" turned M class star, it could have large habitable satellites.

The Dogon legends are 5200 years old (or more), long enough to have been corrupted by some confusion. One of the Dogon's beliefs is that Sirius B occupied the place where our Sun is now (perhaps an analogy). Also, the Dogon believe that Sirius B orbits Sirius A every 50 years (which it does). The Dogon describe another star, Sirius C, in the Sirius system. Around this star, they say, is a single satellite (as if both were formed as an ASTRO-METICS like double planet See Table 8-2). The Nommos live there. It was the Nommos that gave the Dogon knowledge about Sirius B such as its (50 year) period about Sirius A and the extreme density of this white dwarf star.20 The Dogon say the Nommos were amphibious beings sent to Earth from Sirius for the benefit of mankind. They were saviors and spiritual guardians. The Dogon associate the number 60 with the cosmic placenta, the outer border of our solar system or major outer border which would be the orbits of Saturn and Jupiter. They hold related celebrations every 60 years. A 60-year cycle is found in Chinese astrology - suggesting a Nommos source?

The Dogon are a people believed to be of part Egyptian decent. This dates to the time just before Noah's Flood. It is asserted in this analysis that the Nommos, an extraterrestrial alien species, are the "Angels" that the Book Of Noah describes as the builders of Noah's Ark.21 This vessel is of an extremely sophisticated design and modern day metals like titanium, manganese and iron rivets have been discovered with it.

The Nommos were ugly, amphibious beings that resembled mermen and mermaids. The Nommos are referenced in the oral traditions, myths, drawings and tablets of the Dogons, as human- looking beings who have feet but who are portrayed as having a large fish skin running down their bodies. They also appear in Babylonian, Accadian, and Sumerian myths. The Egyptian Goddess Isis, who is sometimes depicted as a mermaid, is also linked with the star Sirius. Space mobile amphibious beings would be expected to have excellent knowledge of sophisticated nautical engineering techniques such as are found in the construction of the Ark.

The Nommos landed on Earth in a "ship" that made a spinning decent to the ground with great noise and wind. It landed somewhere to the northeast of the Dogon's present homeland. There was a great noise and wind. The ship landed on three legs, skidded to a stop, scoring the ground. Four legs appeared and dragged the vessel to a hollow, which filled with water until the vessel floated. The Dogon, call this spaceship 'Pelu Tolo' or 'Star of the Tenth Moon'. See Figure 3 for a photograph illustrating a recent spiral descent of such a UFO near Chung- Tu China. This is an ominous event because another castastrophe similar to Noah's flood has been predicted in the 2006 - 2017 time frame.

At the same time a new star was seen in the sky, which possibly was a large space ship (the mother ship?). The star was described by the Dogon as having a circle of reddish rays around it. This circle of rays was like a spreading spot yet still remaining the same size. Coincidentally, T. J.J.See of the Naval Observatory did an extensive investigation of ancient legends of Sirius appearing "red" during these time and concluded that they were valid.17 Current astronomical theory involving Sirius changing from a red giant to a white dwarf star through nova does offer conditions wherein Sirius could have appeared red, but its change in such a short time (5,000 years) are inconsistent with these theories. (Could zodiacal light from an asteroid belt or dust cloud remaining from the nova be the cause of this red color?)

This historical UFO contact seems validated because:

  1. Substantiated astronomical data was recorded that was beyond human capability of the time.
  2. They appeared at a time just before Noah's great flood paralleling the appearance of other "aliens" (angels) during other Biblical warnings about catastrophic meteorite strikes.
  3. The structure and metallurgy associated with Noah's Ark seems far too complex for humans of the time. This implies its construction by extra- terrestrial alien beings.
The latter two items lead to the possibility that these beings are our Combo's Artisan species because the legends of the Ark have remained so long in mankind's history. Recognizing contact by a Combo EILF is important to human evolution. Combo species form to help each other with the great lessons of life. Further, they are remembered for what they have constructed (Noah's Ark). The construction of things is a manifestation of their Expression Polarity. Thus, the Nommos from Sirius appear to be our Artisan Combo EILF species.

The web page: HANDS - Unique Descriptions Of Two Et Alien Cultures describes both the HANDS and Cenos ET Aliens.

Telepathic contact between human and extra-terrestrial technological and non- technological alien civilizations appears to be a practical means to acquire verifiable information concerning their existence. Ensouled Intelligent Life Forms (EILF) form in clusters of seven called a Combo. Specific telepathic contact (in the late 1950's) has reveal both the nature and location of two of our seven EILF civilizations, one of which had heretofore been unknown to us. Astronauts from the newly discovered EILF have visited four other EILFs in the Sol and Alpha Centauri star systems.

The new space mobile Cenos EILF claim that they have aided humans in the past. Evidence from the ancient Akkadian civilization suggest that just such a 'god- like being' provided astronomical information that only modern day humans could be aware of.

The non-technological HANDS alien is a large eight limbed being without eyes, but still able to see and hear. They do not reproduce by themselves, but apparently by (perhaps involuntarily) another animal. They may possess the most amazing intellectual characterizes (i.e. being able to foresee the future). They may be a frequent visitor to Earth as 'tourists'. The technological alien is a tall (8.5') biped somewhat similar in structure to a human but with a different physiology.
The HANDS and Cenos ET aliens round out the seven members of the Combo of which we humans are one.


Alpha Centauri A/B seems to host two of our Combo EILFs, 61 Cygni one, Sirius one and Sol hosts two. Thus, six of seven are accounted for. Humans are associated with Sol and the Cetaceans with Vulcan, the Hill Aliens with Alpha Centauri A, the Wood Aliens with Alpha Centauri B the Denaerde aliens with 61 Cygni A and the Dogon aliens with Sirius C. Perhaps the type of star chosen by an EILF reflects its relative activity on the physical plane. The G and K class stars may often be chosen by active EILFs, such as Warriors, Scholars and Kings. The Artisans stellar association is unknown but there is a bright A class star in their system as well as an M class or dwarf. M class stars and brown dwarfs may be related to the more passive EILFs. It is uncertain that Proxima Centauri could permit a third EILF to be hosted in the Alpha Centauri trinary star system, but it is doubtful. ASTRO-METRICS models Proxima Centauri to be the spin plane of the Alpha Centauri A star and therefore a planet of this star. A "real" star is needed to "support" an EILF. Table 13-5 summarizes the location of our Combo's EILFs.

TABLE 13-5

Sun/VulcanWarrior Modern Humans
Simian Mammal55,000 BC
300,000 BC
Sun/VulcanSage Dolphins
Cetacean Mammal55,000 BC?
Alpha Centauri AScholar Hill AliensSimian Biped?
Alpha Centauri BPriest Wood's or Hands AliensWater/Land Octupus?
Proxima CentauriSlaveCenos Aliens Biped?
Sirius BArtisan NommosAmphibians ?
61 Cygni AKing JargansSea Otter/Mammal??

* Type B is ordinal component of the inspirational polarity in Table 12- 2.

Where is our Slave EILF? 61 Cygni or Sirius could host it as it not anticipated to be space mobile. 60 Krueger offers another possibility. It's Delta Off-set is very similar to Sol's and it is moving upward from the galactic plane at 1 + 0.27 = 1.27 kps. There is a remote chance that the presence of a planet has been found and rather passive EILFs are anticipated since only M class stars exist within that system. 61 Cygni is the best guess as Kings and Slaves are very comfortable together.

The star map of the Scholars (Hill aliens) from Alpha Centauri suggests that they have contacted six other star systems (in performing their roles as integrators), Sol, Groombridge 34, Sigma 2398, Krueger 60, 61 Cygni, Procyon (or Sirius) and 26 Draconis. They are traveling to the 26 Draconis system that may have hosted another Scholar and related EILF from a different COMBO. Even if these EILFs are extinct, vast storehouses of knowledge may still remain. Either way, the Hill aliens are growing smarter at an exponential rate. They may anticipate a somewhat contentious relationship when visiting 61 Cygni, as "Scholar" clashes with "Leader".

A final note. Perhaps working with our COMBO EILF already present on Earth, the Cetaceans, we could better understand our other co-sentient EILFs found on nearby star systems. The Sage EILF's function is communication, and perhaps that is what the unusual brain of the whale is used for. Perhaps they can telepathically communicate with alien species found on these nearby star systems. The key to our reaching to the stars may lie first in our reaching out to this sentient species on our own oceans.

Mankind, welcome to the galactic neighborhood!


  1. Aliens claim to be from the third planet of a binary star system. UFO researchers often claim that this star system is Zeta Reticuli, but those stars are almost a light year apart. One would appear simply as a bright star in the sky of a planet of the other. Astronomers sometimes do not consider these kind of star systems a binary - Timothy Good; ALIEN CONTACT; TOP SECRET UFO FILES REVEALED; William Morrow and Company, Inc; 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019; 1993; See pp. 133 and endnote 26 of chapter 6.
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  5. ASTRO-METRICS offers reasons based on the actual contact that these are our KING EILF sentient species. See: Yari Danjo; ASTRO-METRICS OF UNDISCOVERED PLANETS AND INTELLIGENT LIFE FORMS; Op. Cit.; pg. 125.
    The last crossing at around 1.5 Myr ago and the next 1 Myr in the future based on crater flux peaks. The perigalactic period is estimated to be 180 Myr.
  7. Encylopaedia Britannica; MAJI; Micropaedia Vol. 18, 15th edition; pg. 813.
  8. The spin plane of the black hole at the galactic center is modeled as a line intersecting the sinusoidal oscillation of Sol. Thus, assuming a 1.3 Myr. quarter oscillation period:

    mt + b = Acos (kt) where m = 5.574, A = b = 25 light years and k = 90/1.3 Myr.

    Then, at t = -3.99 Myr., Sol crosses the spin plane of the galactic black hole at about 2.7 light years above the galactic plane.
    The galactic rotation rate is about 2 X pi X 30,000 ly (light years)/180 Myr. = 1047 ly/Myr (about 300 kps).
    The slope of the intersection of the spin plane of the galactic black hole with the galactic plane is 5.574 ly/Myr. Assuming the galactic disk to be about 50 ly thick at our galactic location, it transverses this thickness in 8.97 Myr. The galaxy rotates 9389 ly during this time. Thus, the apparent slope of the galactic black hole spin plane to the galactic plane is:

    sin q = 50 ly/9389 ly = 5.325 10-3, or
    q = 0.305o

    The width of the galactic wedge where sentient life can take place is about:

    360o X 9389 ly/22 X pi X 30,000 ly = 17.93o

    on each side of the galaxy, comprising about 10% of the galaxy.
  9. Astral radiation bandwidth of the main lobe above and below the main lobe of astral radiation emitted from the galactic black hole. All fit the general equation of :

    mt + b = Acos (kt) where m = 5.574, A = 25 light years and k = 90/1.3 Myr., b (in light years) varies.
    • For the upper lobe (that contains modern humans):
      • Homo sapiens sapiens, b = 25.26
      • Homo heidelbergensis, b = 24.74
      • Archaïc Homo sapiens, b = 25.39
      • Homo neanderthalensis, b = 25.00
      • Australopithecus afarensis, b = 25.31 (at t = -3.99 Myr. Sol descending)
    • For the main lobe:
      • Homo erectus, b = 7.25
      • Australopithecus africanus, b = 7.25 (at t = -3.48 Myr.)
    • For the lower lobes:
      • Homo ergaster, b = -4.17
      • Homo habilis, b = -9.9
      • Homo rudolfensis, b = -8.9

    To date, the only example for a deep-ocean impact is the late Pliocene (2.15 Ma) Eltanin impact in the 5000 m deep Bellingshausen Sea. It may have encouraged the formation of Homo habilis and Homo rudolfensis.

    A new hypothesis about recent human evolution suggests that a horrific "volcanic winter" 71,000 years ago, followed by the coldest 1,000 years of the last Ice Age, brought widespread famine and death to modern human populations around the world. The abrupt "bottleneck," or decrease, in our ancestors' populations, in turn, brought about the rapid "differentiation" - or genetic divergence - of the surviving populations Thereby forming Homo sapiens sapiens.
  11. The following table attempts to summarize results indicating the presence of planets in nearby star systems (note: recent doppled detected planets found around more distant star systems).

    In Solar masses
    Barnard's Star0.001524 0.6Marginal
    Lalande 211850.015
    U.V. Ceti0.004
    Epsilon Eridani0.000926.980.92Good
    61 Cygni0.004
    US Found
    USSR Confirmed
    Krueger 60?16?Marginal

  12. The surface gravity of a planet varies directly as the planet's mass and inversely as its radius squared, and that its average density is S, then:

    gPlanet = gEarth (SPlanet/SEarth)2/3 (mPlanet/mEarth)1/3 ,SEarth = 5.5 gr./cm.3

    Their home planet is composed heavily of Manganese (Silicates), with densities of 3.72 gr./cm3 assumed. The ASTRO-METRIC planet formation model yields a mass for their home planet of 137 Earth masses which would produce a surface gravity of about 3.9 times that of Earth (a little high).
  13. Michael Lindemann Video; UFOs AND THE GLOBAL SITUATION; CNI NEWS; E-mail CNINews1@aol.com
  14. Denaerde and Stevens; UFO Contact From Planet Iarga; Privately Published by Wendelle S. Stevens, 3224 South Winona Circle, Tucson, AZ 85720; 1982.
  15. Remains of ancient mining operations on the far side of the Moon have been reported by Yarbro . These do not appear to be related to current alien activities. Even more interesting is the presence of two currently active alien communications intercept sites on the Moon's far side recording activity in our solar system.
  16. One of these communication intercept stations appears to be operated by the Denaerde aliens. They may have even tried to communicate with us by radio as early as 1924.
  17. Marconi, in mid December 1901, made his first successful attempt at intercontinental radio transmissions between Europe and America. His first transmission was an encoded S and V letter transmitted by a crude form of HF using ionospheric bounce techniques. Amazingly, his transmission was reacquired once again in August 1924 (22.6 years later), but with some unusual data added. These signals were examined at the Naval Observatory which recorded the detected signals on photographic film (Robert Jackson; U. F. O. s; Quintet Publishing Limited, 6 Blundell Street, London N7 9BH;1992; pg. 71). The data was displayed in a falling raster format with the raster rate locked to the encoded letter. When the film was developed, the additional data formed the image of a crude face.

    Imagine the following scenario. Marconi's signal was intercepted on the Moon. The Moon is only a hundred times more distant than Marconi's primitive receivers. These signals were relayed to 61 Cygni, 11.2 light years distant. Did the Denaerde aliens copy the transmission, modify it and relay it back to the Moon where it was rebroadcast to the Earth? Was this the signal analyzed at the Observatory 22.4 years later? Did this incident mark the United States Navy's first recognition of an extra-terrestrial civilization?

    The Denaerde aliens seem willing to share information with humanity. This initial form of radio contact is entirely consistent with their behavior (see Chapters 11 and 12).

    Clouding this analysis are the short wave transmission experiments carried out in 1924 at the newly formed Naval Research Laboratory . Very short pulsed Morse "E" signals were stretched by ionospheric bounces and appeared like "T"s (but both the dots and dashes would be streched, and why could not one still distinguish one from another?). (Ed Lyon; THE MILITARY ROLE IN EARLY RADIO; Mid-Atlantic Radio Club, Labstracts, The Naval Research Laboratory, 4555 Ovelook Avenue, SW, Washington D. C.; 13 September, 1993; pp 4 - 7.) These two stories, one from the Naval Observatory and the other from the Naval Research Laboratories, published within a year of one another (and within two months after the author talked to a long time employee of the Naval Research Laboratories) are suspiciously time co-incident. Further, the latter's analysis appears poorly supported and raises the question as to if one was conveniently published after the other for some other purpose than historical information.
  18. Robert Burnham Jr.; .BURNHAM'S CELESTIAL HANDBOOK; Dover Publications, Inc, New York, 1978; pg. 387 ff. Note: includes References to Dogon Tribe and T. J. J. See's analysis on a "red" Sirius.
  19. Benest, Daniel and Duvent, J.L. "Is Sirius a Triple Star?" ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS; Volume 299, 1995; pp. 621-628. In 1995 two French astronomers announced the their discovery of a third, small red dwarf star in the Sirius system. They claim that Sirius C cannot be much more than about 0.05 of the mass of our Sun (and of Sirius B) in a six year orbit about Sirius A.
  20. Additional Dogon astronomical beliefs include:
    1. . The star Sirius (known to the Dogons as "Sigi tolo" or "Yasigi tolo." "Tolo" means star; they mean "Star of Sigui and Star of Yasigui") has an invisible (to the unaided eye) companion star (known to modern astronomers as Sirius B). The Dogons say this star orbits Sirius A in an egg shaped or elliptical orbit with Sirius A at one focus of the ellipse. The orbit, they say, takes about 50 years for one circuit. This has all been confirmed by modern astronomy.
    2. The Star Sirius B revolves on its own axis in about one year's time. Modern astronomical equipment can not (at the time this was written up) observe such detail!
    3. The material of Sirius B is super dense "star metal" vastly heavier than anything found on earth. They call it "sagala." Modern calculations have confirmed this!
    4. There is a third star in the Sirius system they call "Emma ya" (see CM section) four times as light in weight as Sirius B, traveling along a greater orbit around Sirius A but in the same direction as Sirius B, also taking 50 years to complete one orbit. Emma ya moves 90 degrees behind Sirius B as it orbits. The existence of a Sirius C or third Sirius companion is controversial among modern astronomical observers. Dogons say Sirius C is bigger than Sirius B.
    5. The Nommo came from the Sirius system.
    6. Saturn has invisible (to the unaided eye) rings and Jupiter has four great moons, likewise invisible (to the unaided eye).
    7. The planets orbit the sun, as does the earth, and the earth rotates on its own axis fixing day and year length.
    8. The sun distributed light in space and on the earth with its rays.
    9. The Milky Way (our galaxy) contains all the visible stars and the earth and sun are part of this system or world of spiraling stars. The Dogons say an infinite number of such spiraling worlds exist. These worlds are populated by many creatures such as men with tails or men with wings. The moon, however, they flatly say is dry and dead.
  21. THE DOGON Strangely enough, an almost identical tale (to the Nomos) was received by and passed on by the Sumerians and Babylonians. They state that amphibious beings called "Oannes" came to the Earth for the benefit of the human race. Their egg-shaped vessel landed in the Red Sea.

    THE SUSPECTED PLACE OF THE ARK'S CONSTRUCTION The pre-flood city of Shuruppak is identified in the Epic of Gilgamesh as the city of residence of Noah (or "Utnapishtim" in Gilgamesh). Gilgamesh indicates this was the geographic place in Mesopotamia where the Ark of Noah was both designed and constructed.